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  • View only files without extension in File choose Windows 7December 20

    In Windows 7, When i open a file choose dialog from notepad++ or notepad or wordpad or from some other editor software, how can i filter files to view only files without any extension? I know that we can search for files without extension by "ext:[]&

  • Opening a file picker in any browser crashes the browserSeptember 24

    In Windows 7 32-bit, in any browser (chrome, IE, firefox, opera) if I open a file picker either by using the main menu option e.g. 'open page' or 'save page as', or if a file picker appears from interacting with a website e.g. 'download pdf', then th

  • Consistent Windows 7 File Chooser

    Consistent Windows 7 File ChooserMarch 3

    When you go to choose a file in Windows 7 from an application there are a variety of different file chooser windows that can come up. I have included examples below. A large file chooser brought up by Paint.net A small file chooser brought up by Chro

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