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  • Findstr always fails to find hash string in text fileFebruary 10

    I'm trying to replace a certain .jar file if the MD5 hash of the file changes. I've written a small PowerShell script to do the hashing of the file and the .ps1 script is run through a batch file. After PowerShell prints the hash into 1.txt I want th

  • findstr giving incorrect errorlevelFebruary 7

    Why does this: for /f "tokens=5 delims=<>" %%G in ('findstr /C:"<a href=\"register\">" "index.html"') do echo %%G give an errorlevel 1 while this findstr /C:"<a href=\"register\">&qu

  • Trying to find a string in a fileFebruary 2

    I'm looking for a free tool that I can use to find a string in an Excel file. I tried Notepad++, and that didn't work. I tried Agent Ransack, and that's didn't work. The intentionally entered a string into an XLSB file, and ran both Notepad++ and Age

  • Attempting to cut a set of characters from cmdFebruary 2

    I'm attempting to have cmd copy only a specific set of character from a command output. I've been able to select the line that the phrase exists in but from there I am lost. Here is my command so far. ipconfig | findstr /i "ipv4" I'm sure you ar

  • findstr: search strings too longJanuary 29

    I am trying to compare a list of IP's and output the difference by using the findstr command in Windows and am having difficulty getting it to work. The command I am using is: EDIT: My objective is to compare IP's that were scanned successfully to IP

  • How to use findstr to get MAC address?January 21

    I send adb shell dumpsys wifi to get current available wifi ap BSSID(MAC address).The result as follows: Latest scan results: BSSID Frequency RSSI Age SSID Flags 7c:7d:3d:c3:4c:e0 2422 -40 6.716 HUAWEI-YJDAD5 [WPA2-PSK-CCMP][ESS] d4:ee:07:26:24:18 24

  • CMake: How to call execute_process with a double quote in the argument? a.k.a. Using find from CMake to count lines matching a stringJanuary 20

    I will like to call the command find from within a execute_process. The format of the find command is: find [/v] [/c] [/n] [/i] [/off[line]] "<String>" [[<Drive>:][<Path>]<FileName>[...]] So, the string has to be double q

  • How to use FINDSTR to search in a specific line?December 28

    I have a file example.txt and a string "Hi" and the beginning of the 15th line. The required code for findstr should be: findstr /b /n "Hi" "example.txt" Is there something that can search for "Hi" string only in th

  • Find "mystring" in files and return only certain portion of matching linesDecember 18

    I have below command to list out every file in current directory and it's sub-directories containing "mystring" along with the line where search string match is found. @echo off setlocal findstr /s mystring *.txt >> searchResult.list endlo

  • Findstr: match filenames containing exactly a single dotOctober 27

    I am desparately trying to find all files within a folder and its subdirectories containing exactly a single dot. Reading the documentation of findstr I came up with this kind-of-regex, but it still matches all file names containing dots. In my under

  • find certain item of a file by using command line tool in windows 7June 22

    recently I used findstr "ItemThatIsBeeingSearchedFor" C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts > J:\documents\HostsFile\ResultOfSearch.txt in order to output a certain entry of the hosts file into a .txt. now I am trying to do the same with find

  • Get URL from HTML file using FindStrJune 14

    I'd like to preface this by saying that I'm very new to the command prompt and I've been only using it for some WGET and YOUTUBE-DL, and that I'm on a Windows 8 PC. I'd like to get a bunch of links from an html file. The links all start with https://

  • Most efficient command to search the first line of many files (windows)June 9

    I am new to the windows ecosystem. I have been tasked with writing a program that will search several 10's (maybe even 100's) of thousands of files for a particular string. The string that must be matched is a serial number consisting of only numbers

  • Delete scheduled taskname containing spaceJune 4

    I want to delete scheduled tasks that start with "Adobe Acrobat" eg "Adobe Acrobat 123","Adobe Acrobat 456","Adobe Acrobat 789" schtasks /Delete /TN Adobe* /F This command fails to find any tasks cos its literally s

  • Windows findstr with AND condition?March 9

    Is it possible, in one line, without a batch file to use findstr and only return a 0 %errorlevel% if all of the strings are found? I am doing a gem list, which lists out a bunch of gems. I then want to use findstr/find to make sure that EACH string I

  • Use findstr to output characters 1-13February 20

    I have the code: findstr /B ^121.*.CATDrawing catdrawing.txt How to show from the first to thirteenth character? 1220112000001A.CATDrawing -> 1220112000001 --------------Solutions------------- Uuuh... exactly how is that regular expressions ^121.*.CA

  • Windows 7 cmd Findstr for 2 strings a AND b(not OR)February 5

    I want to know if there is a way to use findstr to find only those lines in a text file which have both strings a and b. The following: findstr "aaa bbb" test.txt will find all lines with aaa or bbb. I want all lines with aaa and bbb -----------

  • Batch to retrieve TFS version erroring in FOR /F where TFS attempts to PIPE to findstrJanuary 20

    I have this partial batch, but it gives me an error (On 64 bit installations) SETLOCAL EnableDelayedExpansion REM Figure out what ProgramFiles Root we run the command SET ProgFiles86Root=%ProgramFiles(x86)% IF NOT "%ProgFiles86Root%"=="&quo

  • Getting value from file using Windows Batch scriptingNovember 23

    Using Windows Batch scripting, I want to get the max_volume value (-2.9 in the following example) from a ffmpeg output written to a log file: [Parsed_volumedetect_0 @ 0000000005428b20] n_samples: 13406208 [Parsed_volumedetect_0 @ 0000000005428b20] me

  • What is the difference between regular and literal expressions in FINDSTR?October 16

    What is the difference between /R and /C? FINDSTR [options] [/F:file] [/C:string] [/G:file] [/D:DirList] [/A:color] [/OFF[LINE]] [string(s)] [pathname(s)] /C:string Use string as a literal search string. /R Use string as a regular expression. Q:\>dir

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