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  • Quickly create a new Firefox profile and load Firefox with itDecember 18

    I want to be able to quickly create (and delete) Firefox profiles for testing purposes in Win 7 SP1. To do this, I created a batch file with the single line: firefox.exe -CreateProfile test && firefox.exe -profilemanager (I've simplified this for

  • firefox user profile missingDecember 12

    On firing up firefox, I get an error as Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible I had moved my /home to a different partition and didn't backup my ~/.mozilla. So how can I create a new fresh firefox profile? ---------

  • Firefox with arguments stripped from start menuNovember 24

    Migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10, some of my start menu items have gone missing. Among them is one to start the Firefox profile manager, and another to launch a specific profile. They were in the user's start menu folder, with command line argu

  • "Close Firefox" error on opening a link

    "Close Firefox" error on opening a linkSeptember 5

    I'm running Windows 10 with Firefox 40.0.3 as my default browser. I'm running multiple Firefox profiles simultaneously, one for development and one for browsing. One of the profiles is set as default. The issue is that whenever I, while having the de

  • How do I remove a device from Firefox Sync?June 27

    I've got some old devices and Firefox profiles that used to sync with my Firefox Sync account, but those devices and browser profiles no longer exist. And yet their browser tabs still appear in Firefox Sync. How do I remove these devices from there?

  • I am having trouble overriding Firefox default css using userContent.css fileJune 3

    I am using Ubuntu 14.10 with dark theme , Today I have upgraded my firefox to developer edition (40.x) previously i was on firefox 38.x I use some of the sites where firefox default from.css styling doesn't fit well specifically text-area, input fiel

  • How to make clicking a link in external app use running firefox profileFebruary 28

    I use more than one firefox profile on Linux. If I click on a link in an external application, instead of opening the URL in a running browser window, I get a firefox profile manager dialog. How can I make these applications open the URL in an alread

  • Disable JS-initiated print actions in firefox 31February 24

    How do I prevent web pages from displaying the print dialog in firefox 31? In firefox 17 I used user_pref("capability.policy.default.Window.print", "noAccess"); to disable JS-initiated print actions, this no longer works in firefox 31.

  • Disable onbeforeunload in Firefox via extension or profileFebruary 17

    I am using Firefox to automatically navigate and capture screenshots from various websites. Some of these websites use the onbeforeunload event to capture a user's attention before leaving a page. Right now, this prevents my script from navigating to

  • Firefox is already running, but not responding

    Firefox is already running, but not respondingDecember 12

    I am using two Icedove (Thunderbird) profiles. I am starting the profiles with following commands: icedove -P "default" %u icedove -P "test" -no-remote --class test %u When I click on a link (URL) in the "default" Icedove (Th

  • Two fully functioning profiles running simultaneouslyDecember 12

    Question: Is it possible to open two different instances of Firefox, each running a separate profile, and have it so each time firefox -P <profile name> is run it will connect to the already running instance running that same profile (instead of cre

  • Stop Firefox displaying Chinese in Yahoo Mail

    Stop Firefox displaying Chinese in Yahoo MailJuly 9

    Yahoo Mail is displaying Chinese (or other?) language characters on the webmail view. I tried to eliminate it by disabling all Add-ons disabled, but it still came up the same. I found that deleting the Firefox file prefs.js corrects the problem (But

  • Specific Fx Profile Not WorkingJune 12

    A while ago my pages were loading slow so I restarted Firefox and suddenly not a single page will load. I disabled all add-ons and deleted all history/cookies, to no avail and then reinstalled it completely with the same result. On a whim, I created

  • Best practices of keeping Firefox profile on ramdiskDecember 31

    Having plenty of RAM, I'd like to use it to speed up the browser. Goals: Have profile and cache completely in memory, so HDD is not used much while browsing and fsyncs don't reach actual HDD or filesystems. In background, keep updating HDD copy of th

  • Is it possible to find out the exact computer an Mp3 was created on?October 30

    If a Forensics professional examined an Mp3 file, would they be able to tell the mac address of the computer that created the file, or find any information that identified the computer that created the file? --------------Solutions------------- No, w

  • How do I set a profile directory when launching firefox?September 8

    I have a system which has Firefox installed in /usr/bin/firefox that uses profiles in ~/.mozilla/firefox. I have installed a new additional firefox in /opt/myapplication. I would like for the new firefox to look for and store profiles in ~/.myapplica

  • How to Add History to a Firefox ProfileJuly 15

    I would like to see if I can add history manually. Whether it meant creating a new profile or "managing" the one that's currently being used, it would work. There's currently no tutorial for this on the internet. I've tried everything. Currently

  • How do I clone a Firefox profile in windows?July 7

    I've copied %appdata%/mozilla/firefox/profiles/myprofile1 into %appdata%/mozilla/firefox/profiles/myotherprofile2 but if I do a text search inside the files of either profile directory you can see that some files like prefs.js, extensions.ini, extens

  • No folder icons in Firefox bookmarks manager

    No folder icons in Firefox bookmarks managerJune 29

    Since updating Mozilla Firefox 21 to 22 the Bookmarks Manager doesn't show folder icons anymore. This makes managing bookmarks an inconvient process. What can be the reason that I lost my folder icons in Firefox? I have already tried disabling all Fi

  • Are flash cookies from different firefox profiles stored separately?June 10

    Are LSOs from different Firefox profiles stored separately? or are they stored in one central location? Are LSOs from firefox portable stored separately? --------------Solutions------------- LSOs are stored in a central location, regardless of profil

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