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  • The comodo firewall does not install on windows 10 how to fix?March 2

    My favourite firewall comodo firewall does not install on windows 10 I don't no why if it some type of development issues or my computer has a problem (It's only two months old) but it does not work on windows 10 for months can I get around the probl

  • Traffic of specific program through vpn February 5

    This question already has an answer here: How do I route traffic through specific interface for a specific process 1 answer is it possible to only let the traffic of Deluge through a VPN (OpenVPN) and the other traffic not with iptables? Kind regards

  • Help getting Cisco Router to forward on path information to pfSense and vise versa

    Help getting Cisco Router to forward on path information to pfSense and vise versaJanuary 13

    Networking community, I have hit a snag and was hoping for advice or suggestions: I am having trouble getting Router 2 to transmit traffic between the Firewall WAN port (internet) and Router 1 and vice versa and am not sure what to do. The Firewall (

  • mDNS in the context of a DNSJanuary 4

    Yesterday we have been discussing mDNS in the context of a lecture at the University. We did not exactly come to a result and I can't stop to think about it. The project in the lecture was about configuring a Unix (in this case OSX) system in order t

  • iptables to allow only ssh and httpsOctober 9

    I'm trying to configure the iptables on my device in order to allow only SSH and HTTPS traffic. In particular, the HTTPS protocol is used to call some REST API toward a remote server from a java client. This is my iptables: iptables -F iptables -P IN

  • Why do gufw and firewalld conflict and what's the worst that could happen?October 5

    I have in the past been told that gufw and firewalld conflict and thus only one should be installed at a time, but why exactly is this and what would be the worst that could happen if one were to have them both installed at the same time and have the

  • Making server accessible on local network without opening portsJuly 2

    I'm responsible for operating the server for a small startup game developer based at my university for my placement year - mostly because I'm the only one of us with any network knowledge to speak of. Everything is working at the moment, but it relie

  • All-In-One Router 10/100/1000 with 500+ Throughput [on hold]March 7

    Looking for an All-In-One Router 10/100/1000 with 500+ Throughput. It needs to have firewall with keyword/url blocking. It would provide internet to about 60-70 devices. 40-50 of those would be computers that are used continuously, daily. We are upgr

  • ISP assigned router and IP range - adding a firewall behind

    ISP assigned router and IP range - adding a firewall behindMarch 7

    My ISP has given me a router with the following information.. The router is provided by the ISP and the gateway/routerIP is already preset inside. If I were to add a firewall behind the router as per above, and i would like to place my servers behind

  • Network Segregation by pfsense + ESXi VLAN

    Network Segregation by pfsense + ESXi VLANMarch 7

    Given ESXi host with 1 NIC Inside the host, there're 2 virtual switches: switch1 and switch2 In switch1, there's 1 WAN interface In swtich2, there's 4 VLANs: VLAN10, VLAN20, VLAN30, and VLAN40 Existing Situation: pfsense is used between switch1 and s

  • Redirect all traffic w/ Windows Firewall?February 17

    Is it possible, with a creative rule, to have all of the traffic that my computer is sending reroute to a single IP via a Batch File or CMD? Thanks.

  • New RMA'd PA-3020 failing Auto CommitFebruary 17

    I have RMA'd PA-3020 which is secondary FW02 for one of the office. PA sent this with 6.0.6 OS whereas my primary FW01 is on 5.0.12. I have configured FW02 via console and later downgraded it to 5.0.12 which went smoothly. Now I issued HA Config to t

  • Shorewall does not start at boot on Debian Stretch after Docker installFebruary 17

    I have a bit of a problem with my shorewall configuration. I had a working setup when I installed docker with the default options, which apparently overrode the shorewall iptables configuration and opened everything to everywhere - not good. I have s

  • OpenSwan ConfigurationFebruary 17

    I am trying to set up IPsec tunnel between two hosts. Host A has an IP and Host B has an IP Host A is connected to the router with its GW being: Host B is connected to another interface of the router with it GW being 10.

  • How to assign traffic priority with Sophos UTM 9?February 17

    I'm trying to assign traffic prioritization with a Linux machine (Debian) running Sophos UTM 9. I can see (and have read) that I can guarantee a service (in this case a specific TCP port) an amount of bandwidth, but this would keep any reserved uplin

  • How to write IPTables policy to affect multiple ranges in a group?February 16

    I am trying to block the entire Internet on all ports, but allow a multiple ranges to connect on specific ports. I want this ruleset to apply to outbound connections as well (using REJECT instead of DROP) as to prevent identification attacks. *filter

  • Port Forwarding not working anymore

    Port Forwarding not working anymoreFebruary 15

    I've tried every solution I've come across and none of them have fixed my issue. Port forwarding used to work flawlessly. I have a dynamic IP, but that doesn't matter because it used to still work nonetheless, also the IP hasn't changed for months...

  • How to limit the number of connections per-host passing through a router/bridge?February 15

    For some reasons, our Internet provider has a limitation on the number of simultaneous opened connections between the machines hosted in our private network and the Internet which is around 4000 simultaneous connections. (For the details, their limit

  • Can Someone Explain Why this firewalld Command Does Not Work as Expected?February 14

    matiu asked the question of how they can do port forwarding for a single source IP address. You can read the original question here. I provided the following commands as an answer. I based my answer on research of firewalld commands and my existing k

  • Can't firewalld replace iptables?February 14

    I used Iptables on Centos 6.5 and tried to translate iptables rules into firewalld rules on centos 7. However, with firewalld, i have discovered i am unable to drop packets in invalid states create a set of rules to protect from portscan create a rul

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