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  • Why do gufw and firewalld conflict and what's the worst that could happen?October 5

    I have in the past been told that gufw and firewalld conflict and thus only one should be installed at a time, but why exactly is this and what would be the worst that could happen if one were to have them both installed at the same time and have the

  • Can Someone Explain Why this firewalld Command Does Not Work as Expected?February 14

    matiu asked the question of how they can do port forwarding for a single source IP address. You can read the original question here. I provided the following commands as an answer. I based my answer on research of firewalld commands and my existing k

  • Can't firewalld replace iptables?February 14

    I used Iptables on Centos 6.5 and tried to translate iptables rules into firewalld rules on centos 7. However, with firewalld, i have discovered i am unable to drop packets in invalid states create a set of rules to protect from portscan create a rul

  • How to port forward with firewalld depending on source IPFebruary 14

    I run ssh on port 5678. For my source IP address - I want to connect on port 22 and have firewalld port forward to 5687. No other source IP addresses get port forwarding. What firewall-cmd line would I type to achieve this ? --------------Sol

  • Firewalld / iptables on CentOS 7 - ports are not really being opened after recent updateFebruary 7

    My problem is that after a recent update I can no longer open any port. I have tried disabling firewalld and opening using just iptables. Ports are being "opened" as on the list that I have from iptables -L or firewall-cmd --zone=public --list-p

  • Should i use Firewalld or Iptables for Fail2ban in Centos 7?February 4

    I'm setting up Fail2ban to protect ssh, and I use firewalld, I saw a lot of people recommending to use anaction = iptables-multiport and other solutions using iptables instead of firewalld claiming that it is faster or consumes less resources. As I s

  • Allow specific unicast request through firewalldJanuary 31

    I have a server that is receiving incoming unicasts requests from however they are being blocked by firewalld. Examining a tcpdump session I see Destination unreachable (host administratively prohibited) on ICMP packets. Disabling t

  • Can't SSH to remote fedora server after rebootJanuary 31

    I have a dedicated server on Fedora 23 I rebooted 3 weeks ago and since that time, I can't login, I'm refused on the server. I can have a rescue mode and then I try to "chroot" drives I mounted. I tried to remove the links to firewalld and also

  • How to check if firewalld is blocking an incoming ip address?January 24

    I have CentOS 7 with firewalld. I installed fail2ban and using the firewallcmd-new action. I am seeing bans in the fail2ban logs, and I want to check in firewallcmd if they are blocked. How can I do it? --------------Solutions------------- First, I s

  • Set firewalld on CentOS 7 for Cloudstack service and unistall iptablesJanuary 21

    I was following Cloudstack installation instructions, when I realized that iptables is not included in the OS, it was replaced by firewalld. So first of all I've shut down firewalld: systemctl stop firewalld systemctl mask firewalld and then I've ins

  • Can't save firewalld rules with --permanentJanuary 18

    I just installed Fedora 23 Server. I have a single zone created by default: # firewall-cmd --get-active-zones FedoraServer interfaces: eth0 If I add a service to this zone, it works fine: # firewall-cmd --zone=FedoraServer --add-service=http success

  • Fedora FirewallD blocking connection when disabledJanuary 17

    I'm running a Fedora 23 workstation using FirewallD by default,the machine has 2 NIC's one for internal and external traffic. so id though I'd config the firewall to reflect this with the following commands firewall-cmd --permanent --zone=internal --

  • Allow all rule for one interface using firewalldJanuary 15

    I have two interfaces in my CentOS-7 VPS. I want to allow all access to one interface(eth1, that is my private network). I'd change zone of eth1 to home how can i add a rule to allow everything on that interface ?? --------------Solutions------------

  • firewalld not listing any active zones?January 13

    When running [[email protected] ~]# firewall-cmd --get-active-zones [[email protected] ~]# [[email protected] ~]# firewall-cmd --get-default-zone public I am not getting any active zones. How can I activate a zone? --------------Solutions------------- You activate a zone by

  • Claiming node on swiftstack times outJanuary 7

    I am trying to connect a node that I have installed CentOS on using SwiftStack. To make this connection, both port 443/TCP and 1194/UDP will need to allow outgoing traffic on your firewall. I have this line when I run firewall-cmd --list-all: interfa

  • firewalld: if I change the ssh service port, is it enough to allow the new port number, or should I add a new service?January 4

    I changed the ssh port to an arbitrary number, and noticed firewalld no longer allowed ssh login. I assume the port 22 is hardcoded in the ssh service definition for firewalld. Is it enough if I allow the new port for TCP traffic, or should I define

  • multiple firewalld services with source addressesDecember 30

    If I have three services: port 111 should only be accessed by IP port 222 should only be accessed by IP port 333 should only be accessed by IP I cannot find a method to do this within firewalld as I believe I

  • Should the firewall be configured on the host or on the guest VMs?December 26

    I have a server with 2 ethernet ports (em1 and em2). I installed CentOS 7 with libvirt on it and I plan to use it to host few virtual machines. I setup 2 bridges: br0 on em1 that will be used by most of the VMs (at the moment only a Windows 7 VM) br1

  • Can I install a GUI for firewalld?

    Can I install a GUI for firewalld?December 9

    I have installed firewalld as it is more advanced than gufw, however I see that firewalld does not come with a GUI and I'm not going to be the only one using it so I am wondering if there is some sort of GUI that I can install for it? I am running Ub

  • Installed OMSA on RHEL 7, unable to access web interfaceDecember 7

    I have a fresh, unmolested installation of RHEL 7.2 on a PowerEdge 2950. Following this guide, I installed the latest version of srvadmin (8.1 by way of the Dell Repository), then started it with the following command: /opt/dell/srvadmin/sbin/srvadmi

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