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  • Running windows in virtual machine, should I bother with security?April 11

    I'm running Windows in a virtual machine on my mac (via Parallels). Should I bother installing antivirus, firewall and using other conventional wisdom practices (like don't open unknown .exe etc)? I don't care about data in the virtual machine since

  • Using Two Brands of Firewalls or Two Encryption Algorithms back to back to fight nation state threats?April 11

    There's this idea of using 2 brands of firewalls both inline that is usually brought up: {Internet}<-->FW(A)<-->FW(B)<-->{Internal Network} Or using 2 algorithms: {Plain Text}<-->Alg1(e.g AES)<-->Alg2(Custom Algorithm)<--&

  • Good Icon for depicting Intrusion Prevention System [on hold]

    Good Icon for depicting Intrusion Prevention System [on hold]April 20

    I am developing PowerPoint slides to teach basics of Information Security. Am hard-pressed to find an icon that accurately depicts an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS). I see some appliances, but am looking for something that gives meaning to IPS. Fi

  • Gargoyle (OpenWRT) firewall routing for VPNFebruary 17

    At present I have Gargoyle setup on my WNDR3700 to connection to a VPN provider in order to provide a little privacy. However this prevents me from connecting remotely to my home network. Previously I used several methods used over time: ssh into a L

  • Detect non HTTP packets using port 80February 17

    We are currently doing port whitelisting on our firewalls which is working well but this of cause does not prevent the implementation of side channels or the misusage of these ports for other purposes. For example an attacker could still initialize a

  • Russian guys break through our firewall [on hold]February 15

    in my company, some russians broke through our firewall and got to our pfSense. The pfSense has a failover Design, so two WAN Connections are available. It is reachable over the internet via two diffrent addresses. Actually our firewall blocks all in

  • Determining Firewall settings (Ports, etc) for specific applicationsFebruary 14

    How can we identify the network or network firewall requirements for a Desktop or Web application. Meaning what ports are required by the applications. How the Cloud and non Cloud networks communicate with each other. Are there specific settings requ

  • Am I Being Hacked? [on hold]February 12

    A little long story follow me. I have had a weird experience with my pc in the past couple of days. It happened to me like a year ago. It was that my pc would open some weird trolling website every few minutes by itself. Then my mouse moved a little

  • Open source software that does virtualised emulation like Fireeye and Palo Alto networks [on hold]February 12

    Fireeye Palo Alto networks and the number of other next-generation firewall vendor's provide virtualised sandbox emulation feature where an unknown file type will be executed in a virtualised sandbox to detect any malware. Is there an open source alt

  • Network Architecture for CTF-scenarioFebruary 11

    My boss recently enrolled me in an InfoSec training. I am part of the network team, but have limited experience in InfoSec. My first assignment is to draw a layout of a network that will be used later in a CTF-wargame between the participants of the

  • Isolating Computer on Home Network Using Multiple RoutersFebruary 9

    My goal is to isolate a computer on my home network. This computer (a rapsberry pi) should be considered untrusted and is accessible from the internet (port 22). I need a solution that will prevent this raspberry pi from accessing or interacting with

  • How to enable Windows firewall to log attempts to connect to closed (not listenting) ports?February 9

    We have some servers with Windows firewall and logging enabled for dropped connections. We observe that when we do a port scan with nmap, the log (pfirewall.log) only reports attempts to connect ports listening. Ports not listening are not reported,

  • If all ports are closed, do i need firewall?February 9

    I often read an article which enable firewall to secure public Wi-fi. But I think firewall may not need when (like nmap said) all ports are closed. Because if all ports are closed, all packets which received by attackers are dropped (because there ar

  • IPtables Linux Firewall and IPsec trafficFebruary 8

    Can iptables filter out incoming datagrams that are IPSec-tunneled packets going to port 25? --------------Solutions------------- Assuming that you mean "can host X, which terminates the IPSec tunnel, apply iptables filters to the de-tunneled traffic

  • problems in ipv6 firewall configurations [on hold]February 3

    For the below configurations, I am not able to connect the system from ip: 2606:a000:122d:113:f456:ca4d:fe2:2656.so, i removed the DROP rule from ipv4 configurations then it is allowing to connect& other ip's too. I need to modify the configurations

  • Using unusual port numbers February 2

    This question already has an answer here: Should I change the default SSH port on linux servers? 8 answers Are there any security benefits to setting up the ports on your firewall to non-standard numbers? For example, using port 15 for the SQL servic

  • download file from shorten url February 1

    we are getting shorten urls for file download from our manufacture. When we click on those urls, it is redirect to dropbox or other well knows ftp websites. these website is allowed in our network. but due to shorten urls users are unable to open tho

  • Database Protection : External & InternalJanuary 29

    My company is using a weird database setup and I can't really figure what it is adding in term of security. Our Setup Outside World [Firewall] DMZ – Web Server [Firewall] External Database [Firewall] Internal Database The web server can only communic

  • Is it safe to host passwordless web applications/software with web GUI in Virtual MachinesJanuary 23

    I have a Linux Mint Virtual Machine which I use quite a lot with my Windows host. I have lots of Software installed there (mostly with web GUI so I can access them from host easily). So I am wondering instead of securing individual applications (by a

  • Windows Firewall Log questionJanuary 15

    I have a question about log entries within my Windows Firewall log. I see these kind every now and then: #Fields: date time action protocol src-ip dst-ip src-port dst-port size tcpflags tcpsyn tcpack tcpwin icmptype icmpcode info path 2016-01-15 00:3

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