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  • Should folksonomy tags be governed or not?

    Should folksonomy tags be governed or not?July 23

    When we organize content it can be done in a hierarchy information model or a flat information model. The flat model is sometimes implemented by the use of metadata in the form of tags. Tags put labels on the content which makes the information easil

  • How can I let website visitors tag my website pages for me?July 24

    I run a website that contains the text of a large number of public domain books on a specialist niche topic, spread over a large number of HTML pages. I also have a fairly enthusiastic website audience that read the books regularly. Sometimes there a

  • What is your method of "folksonomy" tagging for files on your local machine?July 22

    Way back in the days when "delicious" was just "del.icio.us", I had assumed that everyone had finally caught on that Ontology is overrated. I can tag on-line web links, blog posts, questions on stackoverflow.com, and all kinds of web-c

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