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  • Ubuntu 14.04: Firefox automatically uses bold and small fonts for gmail and google websites. Please assistMay 27

    I have tried resetting and reinstalling the fonts package, but the firefox fonts remain the same. looks like verdana bold and too small to read. Kindly assist.

  • Text justifying problem when using monospaced font

    Text justifying problem when using monospaced fontMay 22

    I got text justifying problem when I change the default font to a monospaced font, as you can see in my MWE. Note that this does not only happen in article class, but also in memoir, book, as well. \documentclass[12pt]{article} \usepackage{lipsum} \u

  • On font mapping through fontconfig + fonts.confApril 21

    The following question is just an example. I'm hoping that the answer to it will clarify for me the way ~/.config/fontconfig/fonts.conf (or just fonts.conf, for short). (The fontconfig docs didn't do it.) I want to implement the policy "map every fon

  • How do I change the font of the text under Google's search results?

    How do I change the font of the text under Google's search results?March 7

    In Firefox, I don't have this issue. I think I may have accidentally changed the font size some how, but I went through Chrome's settings and while there is a way to change the standard font, there is no way to that I was able to find that could chan

  • vec command produces tilde instead of arrow

    vec command produces tilde instead of arrowFebruary 19

    Upon compilation this generates an "E" with a tilde over it. What I want, of course, is an "E" with an arrow over it. I think this may be a font issue. Does anyone know how to get me what I want? \documentclass{article} \usepackage{ams

  • Have LaTeX document slowly transform/fade from one font into anotherDecember 22

    A couple months back, I recall reading an article where LaTeX's metatype system is used to have a document fade from one font into another. The example had several pages of serif text that slowly transitioned into a sans-serif font by the end of the

  • Which package contains Agency FB Font?

    Which package contains Agency FB Font?December 22

    Like the title, I'm writing a brochure using Agency FB Font in LATEX but I don't know which package contains it? And how about other font such as Tahoma, Calibri,...? --------------Solutions------------- You can use xelatex or lualatex to access syst

  • Different line spacing depending on font encoding

    Different line spacing depending on font encodingJune 16

    Historically, I've been using Monotype Courier New as my XTerm font (it displays well both Cyrillic characters and box-drawing characters). When migrating from legacy KOI8-R to UTF-8 locale, I've noticed a change in the inter-line spacing (or leading

  • Blacklist fonts for a specific programJune 15

    I am specifically interested in black-listing fonts for Google Chrome. I don't like antialiased fonts for smaller sizes. When I'm using Firefox, I can prevent pages from rendering using the fonts specified by their authors, while also requiring that

  • Reset android studio appearance settings to default

    Reset android studio appearance settings to defaultJune 13

    Suddenly the UI texts of Android studio became bold (maybe after an inappropriate shutdown). I didn't change font settings for android studio appearance myself. This is how it looks like: Before: After: I'm on Ubuntu. what's the default font name? (A

  • 14.04 - Unusual font on some sites (like Facebook)

    14.04 - Unusual font on some sites (like Facebook)March 24

    Some of the fonts on popular web sites (like Facebook) have changed since I reinstalled 14.04 LTS. I'd only originally had it installed for about a week, and the fonts seemed normal. But since reinstalling some of the fonts have changed to something

  • NON-DUPLICATE: ttf-mscorefonts-installer NO terminal, no hidden window, just hang

    NON-DUPLICATE: ttf-mscorefonts-installer NO terminal, no hidden window, just hangMarch 24

    The large thread >>asked Dec 4 '10 by Magic<< on this ms vs linux snafu instructs how to use the curses window to find the accept, yes button. In this case, the apt-get command process just hangs without any other windows generated. Synaptic i

  • How to install the ubuntu font package on Windows?March 22

    The Ubuntu font package can be found at https://github.com/tzwenn/ubuntu-latex-fonts I found some install instruction in README file, however these steps seems to be prepared for Linux. Now I use Windows 7 and TeX Live 2015. How can I install this fo

  • Fonts with well-behaved stacking diacritics?

    Fonts with well-behaved stacking diacritics?February 12

    My documents (compiled using XeTeX for the most part) make use of the transliteration system adopted by the Brill Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics. I had hoped to use Linux Libertine as my main font, but it doesn't handle "stacked"

  • Change fontsize for CJK characters?February 10

    I have the following example: \documentclass[10pt, a4paper, parskip=full]{article} % twoside can be added if two sided margin layout is desired \usepackage[a4paper,vmargin={30mm, 20mm},hmargin={30mm, 25mm},includeheadfoot]{geometry} \usepackage{amsma

  • What font is this text? [on hold]

    What font is this text? [on hold]December 7

    I am trying to create a 3D representation of the below font which I can do if I know what it is. Please can you help me find what font this is.

  • ligtable in metafontNovember 23

    I would like to combine three characters, should they appear consecutively, and replace the three with a single glyph (which is pre-defined). Is it possible to use ligtable to do it in a metafont file ?

  • How to create handwriting practice sheets with descender guidesSeptember 29

    How can I modify the command in the answer to this question to add a solid line at the descender height and make the baseline dotted? I'd also like to be able to fill the page with guides and optionally add solid or outlined letters to one or more of

  • What does "HC" signify in a font name?August 20

    Examples: Arial HC, IDAutomationHC39M. It seems to show up most strong textfrequently with free fonts. --------------Solutions------------- I don't think this has a broad or general meaning at all (unless perhaps we are strictly talking about barcode

  • Unicode Emoji Fitzpatrick Modifiers?July 9

    Is there any way to get Unicode Fitzpatrick Skin Tone modifiers working in Ubuntu? For example, using U+1F3FD (

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