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  • Formatted capacity of a Sandisk Fusion-IO Card?May 15

    I'm interested in buying some 6.4 TB Fusion IO SX300 cards. They will be formatted as NTFS 64 Kb cluster size with Windows Server. My question is what will the actual usable space be once the drives are formatted with a filesystem on top? Does anyone

  • Understanding NVMe storage and hardware requirementsMarch 22

    I'm a bit confused about the recent developments in PCIe-based storage, particularly as it relates to the NVMe specification and its hardware compatibility. While I've worked extensively with SSDs in disk form-factor and some higher-end PCIe devices

  • High CPU on MySql Fusion-io server

    High CPU on MySql Fusion-io serverNovember 13

    I've just finished reading this old Q&A which had some really good detailed information on a similar setup to ours, though unfortunately our problem (now) is not with replication. MySQL Replication Performance We have a new master database server (Se

  • Slow throughput speeds with fusionio iodrive2August 22

    I recently purchased two HP 380P Gen 8 servers with 365GB IODrive2s for VDI using Vmware View 5.2. After using the latest HP vmware 5.1 update 1 ESX installer and then installing the Fusion-io drivers for ESX I was able to format the drive as VMFS5,

  • Do I need to RAID Fusion-io cards?July 15

    Can I run reliably with a single Fusion-io card installed in a server, or do I need to deploy two cards in a software RAID setup? Fusion-io isn't very clear (almost misleading) on the topic when reviewing their marketing materials Given the cost of t

  • Collecting FusionIO inventorySeptember 8

    I have a requirement to write a script that collects inventory data of FusionIO drives from a Linux server. The only method that I've been able to find is the fio-status utility, but it's designed to output human-readable text, not machine-parsable t

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