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  • Python colour game. FeedbackAugust 2

    This is a python program that requires the user to type the colour of the text and not the name of the colour. They have a set time limit and a scoring system.If you have any improvements or suggestions I would greatly appreciate them. Many Thanks #i

  • Connect Four in PythonMarch 17

    I have a game of Connect Four partially written. It doesn't really work (at least not when checking for win condition). My nested if statements can probably be done much better. Any suggestions? import random board = [["." for x in range(7)] for

  • Count Mills in Nine Men's Morris

    Count Mills in Nine Men's MorrisFebruary 17

    Introduction Nine Mens's Morris (also called Mills) is a board game for two players which is played on the following board (image taken from the linked Wikipedia-page): Each player has 9 men, colored black and white. The concrete rules are not import

  • Python sprinting game using strings, loops and statementsFebruary 17

    Here is my code for a sprinting game in Python. You have to tap the 'a' and 'd' keys as fast as you can to run 100 meters. Any improvements? import msvcrt import time high_score = 50 name = "no-one" while True: distance = int(0) print("\n--

  • Adding an 'enemy' to a game (with randomized properties)February 16

    I'm working on a game using the now abandoned Famo.us Javascript framework. I have the game in a running prototype and I'm building with Cordova and running it on an iPhone 6 using PhoneGap. There seems to be some performance issues with it and I can

  • Where should I start in making a text based game using Python 3.? [on hold]February 16

    I'm new to programming, I've learnt most of the basics in school and was wondering if I could practise over my holiday, I've installed Python 3.5.1 and have began programming all sorts of things to improve my capabilities, recently I've been thinking

  • Parabola based math game for school project [on hold]February 15

    Go to riddles.gq and click on "archer". This game is for a math project. Is there anything else I should add or change before I turn it in?

  • Simple Blackjack/21 game in consoleFebruary 14

    I made a simple Blackjack/21 game in C++. It does not use any fancy graphics, just the console output. It is as simple as it can get. #include <iostream> #include <cstdlib> #include <ctime> #include <algorithm> void printData(int p

  • How can I write the code to get merge sort technique graphically? [on hold]February 12

    I am given the project to represent merge sort and quick sort techniques graphically. How can I write the program?

  • A Text-Based Fighter - Like PokemonFebruary 10

    Okay, I'm a newb to programming/Python. To get a better understanding of objects/methods, I wrote a text-based, turn-based fighting game. I want to expand by adding new characters with new moves (one of which can alter the way other moves works - I'm

  • Monster Buff/Debuff System DesignFebruary 10

    Below are a collection of classes that compose my buff/debuff system. The largest flaw in my design that I couldn't overcome is the base class Effect having an enum filled with the different types of buffs and debuffs. If there is a workaround that c

  • JavaScript game tickFebruary 9

    How can I achieve a more performant tick code keeping my minimum frame rate high? installLoops() { window.requestAnimationFrame(this.loop.bind(this)); } loop() { this.now = Date.now(); var delta = this.now - this.last; this.last = this.now; this.dt =

  • Checkers in Python 3

    Checkers in Python 3February 8

    I'm writing a small checkers game in python (international rules) and I need some pointers here and there. For the moment, I am only drawing the board and checking the syntax of moves with a regex. For review: Usage of a value package for passing aro

  • Who's gonna win the football game?February 7

    The American football championship, Super Bowl 50, is happening today at 11:30pm UTC (and you can watch it live online). This challenge was made to celebrate it. In an American football game, two teams compete to get the most points and there are six

  • Java Swing Pong gameFebruary 6

    I recently created pong game using Java. This is my first time not copying any code from the internet or using any help. While it does work, my code feels well written but no streamlined or smooth (other than the fact that I made additional classes t

  • First Android game: changing colors of neighboring squaresFebruary 4

    I have created a small game to learn more about Android. So the game is you start with a single gray square, and you try to take over neighboring squares. You can only attack 1 color per move, but each move takes any neighboring squares of that color

  • Software for sprites and backgrounds for game dev February 1

    My question is how can I make computer sprites and backgrounds with a computer software. I tried to use adobe without success. So I went to pixel art using ragepixel and adobe and they turned out awfully. I am wondering if there is relatively easy to

  • Python pyautogui used for a 2D gameFebruary 1

    I want to post my tiny program here and hope to get feedback improving the performance of my code and understanding Python better. My main issue is the slowness of the program and the corresponding bugs due to incorrect image checking since the game

  • The Wolf, Goat and Cabbage GameFebruary 1

    Everybody knows this river crossing puzzle solving game. I was playing a river crossing game in my cellphone and decided to try to implement every single game mode this app has. In case by any chance someone doesn't know what this popular river cross

  • Help me Shut the BoxJanuary 31

    The inspiration for this challenge should be ridiculously obvious at the time of posting. The Task You must create a Shut the Box style program (not function, program). The basics of shut the box are: Players attempt to shut the box by turning a set

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