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  • Git workflow: How to do a rebrandingMarch 29

    I am responsible for a customer-facing service of my company, and by the end of march we'll rebrand our company with a "big bang", so all of our products are released on that particular day with new features and the new CI. I would estimate the

  • Server certificate verification fails only on UbuntuFebruary 24

    I just encountered a very strange problem. After installing a clean Debian and Ubuntu virtual machine, I tried to clone a git repo to it (not on Github or such). On Debian it works, but Ubuntu throws the following error: server certificate verificati

  • nginx git folder requestJanuary 10

    Im using nginx and git-web and it works great. I access my site using www.mydomain.org to pull up gitweb. Here is my config file: server { listen 80 default_server; listen [::]:80 default_server; server_name www.mydomain.org; return 301 https://$serv

  • How can I keep this git hook from forming an endless loop?January 7

    I push to a bare repository. From there I use a post-receive hook which causes a working directory on that server to do a pull/push on that bare repository. This not only updates the working directory with changes, but it also pushes any user added c

  • Rearranging projects in Git and UnityJune 7

    I'm attempting to rearrange a Unity project that is under source control. Two problems: In order to maintain the relationships between assets, I need to use Unity's API or interface. But when I move something that way, git loses track of them. In ord

  • In GitHub flow, is it OK to base feature branch on another feature branch?May 25

    We use GitHub Flow in our project and most of the time, we open a new feature branch from master, do some work there, open a PR, review the code and merge back into master. However, my current work depends on another issue that is being worked on in

  • What is the different between Parse-server and Parse-server-example on ParsePlatform on GitHub?February 17

    I am doing migration from my Parse hosted applications to ParseServer running on AWS or Heroku slowly. The Heroku "guide to deploy to Heroku and MongoLab" uses "Parse-server-example" on GitHub while the ParseServer wiki mentions clonin

  • package.json (and more) customization based on location/deploymentFebruary 17

    I am trying to formalize our release process for multiple web applications consisting not only of packages from the greater internet, but also including a great deal of private (some for now, some likely forever) code. Security and project requiremen

  • What is the URL to a heroku git repository?February 17

    I am new to Heroku. Recently I created a NodeJS application with the Heroku git and deployed it on Heroku. I used the following command to clone the repository to my local computer from the Heroku git. heroku git:clone -a {app_name} How would I be ab

  • Amend a past commit from a previously merged branch, while keeping branch historyFebruary 17

    Problem Say that I have done some work on master: c1 <- c2 ^ master At this point, I branch off, and do some more work: test v c3 <- c4 c1 <- c2 / ^ master Then do a git merge --no-ff (--no-ff to keep the branch history): test v c3 <- c4 c1 &l

  • List out-of-date branches with `repo forall`February 17

    Just to clarify, this is about Android Repo. I would like to be able to compare my working directory against an arbitrary remote branch using repo forall to see if there are any changes that I need to pull from that branch. This is the closest I've g

  • Git - Add File That Already Exists?February 17

    Searched for this specific issue, haven't been able to find anything relative. I've cloned a repository, no issue - git 'status' returns on master branch and clean. I then checkout a particular branch, say 'dev'. I then fetch n pull (nothing to do).

  • Unity Meta Files and Version Control

    Unity Meta Files and Version ControlFebruary 17

    I asked a similar question the other day, but i think this is different enough to make it worth another question I am currently using BitBucket and Source tree with my project, here is my git ignore. My issue is that when I switch PC and pull as soon

  • Can a merge change the commits history of a branch?

    Can a merge change the commits history of a branch?February 17

    Apparently it can, see here - at least this is the way I see it. Before merge. The remote branch master at origin is on the left. Both branches are the same. Now suppose both me and my friend have done some work, and my friend pushed his work first t

  • Nest backticks inside a git command aliasFebruary 17

    I'm attempting to make a git alias to show all commits since the last tag. I'm basing it of this SO answer that I've used a lot in the past. Currently, I'm trying this with a git config --global alias.* command like so: git config --global alias.summ

  • Why is [branch "development"] not present in .git/config?February 17

    My questions are why does the following .git/config file not have a [branch "development"] section; what does adding a section like that do; and how can I test out what is really going on, like with a dummy file? Here are the details: [core] rep

  • GIT 2nd PUSH is failingFebruary 17

    I am new to GIT. I am trying to push my new code into remote repository using GIT PUSH ORIGIN MASTER. But it is failing with below error: To [email protected]:uniquedata-analytics/TEST-SAS.git ! [rejected] master -> master (non-fast-forward) erro

  • How to push local git repository to existing project on remote Github project and after that add another branch to other developer work with?February 17

    I have been trying to find a solution for a couple days now and I couldn't find the best way to work yet because it is very specific - I guess. I am working on a project that is both on a private server and on GitHub. The most up-to-date files are al

  • Is adding to a branch after its pull request has been merged bad?February 17

    I'm working on a project where we branch off of develop for each feature and once the work is done a pull request is made as usual. I'm wondering if later on I find I want to make some changes to how I implemented the feature is it better to just mak

  • How to cleanly merge branch containing revert (branch containing revert sees revert as new changes)February 17

    I have a branch containing a revert that I would like to move to master. However, the revert seems to be seen as new changes and applies them to master when it is merged. This is overwriting a lot of things in master that should be untouched. I would

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