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  • Prevent Glassfish from using its own versions of libraries instead of those in a projectFebruary 15

    Glassfish has whole bunch of third-side libraries stored in its modules directory. To my surprise, if my project uses a library which is present there, Glassfish will provide it from there, instead of the right version I have packed-in in my WAR file

  • JSF 2.2 - File upload return java.lang.NullPointerExceptionFebruary 11

    <h:inputFile/> return a NullPointerException error. I know there is already a lot of stuff about this exception and uploading files with JSF but I've read it all without any success to diagnose this problem. I am using JSF 2.2 with GlassFish 4.1.1,

  • Timeout for HTTP_BAD_GATEWAY.html.var in GlassFish 4?February 11

    I'm struggling to find the timeout configuration in GlassFish 4 to solve the below problem: The application implements a so-called tunneling, serving contents of few connecting portals to users. It opens up an HTTP connection, passes on user's reques

  • Connecting JConsole to remote glassfish 4.1 / 4.1.1 via JMXFebruary 9

    GlassFish running on a host with a public ip address and jmx port 8986 On startup JMXStartupService has started JMXConnector on JMXService URL service:jmx:rmi://test.anahata.net.au:8986/jndi/rmi://test.anahata.net.au:8986/jmxrmi]] When I try to conne

  • How to solve cross-domain error in Oracle Mapviewer hosted on GlassfishFebruary 7

    I have made an HTML5 application (hosted on localhost) that interacts with a remote MapViewer server (hosted on a remote server using Glassfish 4) using it's JavaScript library. <script src='

  • Deploy War File in Glassfish FailsFebruary 6

    I am trying to deploy some SmartGWT apps. They all use HSQLDB for persistence. They all run fine when using Super Dev Mode in Eclipse. They all fail similarly when I try to deploy them to Glassfish. This is the log I got from one attempt: [36.267][gl

  • GlassFish 4 error starting domain domain1 listening for transport dt_socket at address: 9009 Error: could not find or load main class filesFebruary 6

    I am trying to run GlassFish4 on Windows 7. At glassfish4\bin I run asadmin start-domain -d and I get the following error message: Waiting for domain 1 to start. Error starting domain domain1. The server exited prematurely with exit code 1. Before it

  • HK2 / GlassFish / Jersey incompatibilityFebruary 4

    I'm trying to debug an ugly issue I really don't understand - not sure if it is a bug or not. I have an application which works fine, using this pattern: ServiceLocator locator = ServiceLocatorFactory.getInstance().create(serviceLocatorName); Service

  • JSP request.contextPathJanuary 28

    Software version: Glassfish 4.1.x In a JSP, when trying to access the context path, the following code works (for me): ${pageContext.request.contextPath} However, when shorten to: ${request.contextPath} then, either it does not evaluate and therefore

  • Start Glassfish Java DB on EclipseJanuary 28

    How do you start Java DB on Glassfish when Glassfish start, and on Eclipse IDE? The software versions are as follow: Eclipse 4.5.1 (Mars) Glassfish 4.1 (or 4.x) In the past there was an option in Eclipse preferences that allowed to do this. It used t

  • MessageBodyWriter not found for media type=application/json even while Jackson is includedJanuary 27

    I've seen some solutions to this problem but it seems like following them doesn't solve my problem. I am returning a simple string array and when I return it, I am getting this error: Severe: MessageBodyWriter not found for media type=application/jso

  • How to call List String values in a Webservice from android deviceJanuary 25

    I have configured a simple webservice at my glassfish server. Its a localhost:4848. The Webservice is configured perfectly as I can call the addProduct() and getProduct() methods successfully by tester of glassfish server. Now I have developed an app

  • Glassfish 4.1 java.lang.OutOfMemoryError exceptionJanuary 23

    My application has been running on glassfish server for quite some time now and today one of application user warned me that server was shut down unexpectedly. In server log I see following stack-traces (10 identically stack-traces before server was

  • How can I publish my restful webservice to internet?January 21

    I don't have much knowledge about webservices. Now developing a server side code with Restful webservices. Also deployed my server side application in Glassfish 4. My webservice is doing its work. I checked by giving the below url in my local machine

  • War exploded: Server is not connected. Deploy is not availableJanuary 18

    i'm running GlassFish 4.1.11 on IntelliJ 15.0.2. When i try deploying my project, i get the error that my server is not connected and deploy is unavailable. Not sure what is going on and there doesn't seem to be a solved answer yet. The bottom of my

  • java.lang.NullPointerException while deploying Java EE on Glassfish 4.1.1January 18

    I'm working on a java ee web application. Everything was working fine until i use JPA in my EJB. I have been searching whole day but i got no where. here is my EJB Stateless(name = "SignupEJB") public class SignupBean { @PersistenceContext (unit

  • Creating a WAR file from a local WSDL fileJanuary 17

    Is it possible to create a war file from a local wsdl file? I've tried to create a web service in eclipse using the wsdl file and then export the web project to a war file, but when I deploy the created war in glassfish, the deployed web service does

  • Glassfish 4: Why do I have many old transaction logs? (In /logs/server/tx/)January 17

    Looking at directory myDomain/logs/server/tx, I see many (over 300) extent.* files from various dates (some are over 2 months old). I'm trying to understand (1) why do I have so many of such files, (2) at what circumstances are they created/deleted a

  • Missing class org.hibernate.ejb.hibernatePersistence in a maven web projectMarch 20

    I am building a maven web project ( jsf+ejb3+jpa2) named " tuto.maven" using eclipse kepler, glassfish4.0, postgresSql 9.1, but where I try to run the project on a server a problem occurs "cannot Deploy tuto.maven deploy is failing=Error oc

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