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  • Thunderbird gmail 78754 error

    Thunderbird gmail 78754 errorMarch 2

    Thunder bird is giving me this error when I try to sign into Gmail. Is there a way to fix it? I have tried the Unlock Chaptcha several times to no avail. I do keep encountering something about needed to add an application to the permissions thing, bu

  • In Gmail, when creating a group, how can I specify which email address to use for a contact with multiple email addresses?February 22

    How to specify which email address should be used for a group created in Gmail Contacts? In the group list, there is a drop-down field that looks like it could be used for selecting the email to use for this group. But it has no effect. -------------

  • Can't login to Gmail via Mail on iOSFebruary 3

    I am having trouble accessing my Gmail account via Mail on my iPad. It keeps saying my username or password is incorrect when it's not. I have that rotten two-step authentication turned off and this is still happening. How do I fix this?

  • How to download .rar file(Attachment) containing .exe file in gmailJanuary 8

    I am trying to download a .rar attachment in Gmail with .exe files, But Gmail virus scanners blocked the attachment from downloading. How can I download it ? --------------Solutions------------- Try sending them with WeTransfer.com. http://www.wetran

  • Why do I lose textarea content when going Back?January 2

    I run Gmail in "Basic HTML" mode and sometimes lose composed email because the network has disappeared for various reasons when I'm trying to send the message. To recreate: Switch Gmail to "Basic HTML" mode Compose an email Turn off Wi

  • 3,000 emails from ALL MAIL are in one new labelOctober 7

    I have two new emails from someone I've not corresponded with before but will in the future. I just made a new label for that person. I went to settings and created a filter. Theoretically my label should only have two emails in it. However, there ar

  • Gmail clipping mail smaller than 102kb - any workarounds?August 7

    So I've coded my own html template for use in mailchimp. Ive been told that Gmail clips emails automatically after 102kb, so I made sure to keep the file quite small (76kb). And yet for some reason, Gmail is still clipping the file! Compiled (opening

  • Forwarding my contacts to another email accountJune 17

    I need to send a list of all my contacts to another email. When I export them it saves on an excel spread sheet and that wont work. I need it to save where they can instantly save all the emails and not have to retype them. --------------Solutions---

  • Any way to send Gmail auto-response at certain times every week?June 16

    I have a Gmail account that it is only monitored Monday through Thursday. I would like to set something up to automatically send a canned reply for emails received between Thursday afternoon and Monday morning informing the sender that the email will

  • Is there a way to change the picture for my yahoo account in gmail app?April 25

    This is what I'm talking about. I have 3 e-mail accounts linked to my gmail app. One is gmail, one is yahoo, one is something else. My gmail account shows my profile picture no problem. My yahoo and other account just show a Y and I always get them m

  • Contact management appMarch 4

    I want to keep track of my contacts and split them into groups and be reminded at certain interval to contact them based on what groups they are in. Is there an app/web based service that will integrate with my gmail?

  • How can I filter messages from Google Calendar?February 17

    Google calendar messages have the header mailed-by: calendar-server.bounces.google.com Alas, filtering by mailedby:calendar-server.bounces.google.com or mailed-by:calendar-server.bounces.google.com does not work. How can I filter the Google Calendar

  • If I close my Gmail account will somebody be able to register my previous mail address?February 17

    If I close (is delete an option ?) my Gmail account, will somebody be able to register using my email address and read my mails? I want to close my Gmail account but I don't want anybody to impersonate me with my old address. Same question with Yahoo

  • Are Gmail and Outlook checking SURBL JP blacklist?February 17

    I have just set up a server and when using my email client Horde all the emails I send to gmail and hotmail, and maybe other, are going to spam no matter the content of the email. There are going to inbox after I reply to that email but the first ema

  • HTML mail not being properly displayed in Gmail, Outlook, etc

    HTML mail not being properly displayed in Gmail, Outlook, etcFebruary 17

    I am sending mails from the command prompt as- mail -s "$(echo -e "This is the subject\nContent-Type: text/html")" <my-email-id> < ~/Downloads/report-scripts/mail.html The file mail.html is a perfectly written HTML file, which

  • Use Gmail address as sender using your proper SMTP [on hold]February 17

    hello soo the problém is that i want to send mails from my mailer app using my gmail address as SetFrom I know they can do it on sendgrid when you add a sender i need to know if someone have an idea thanks in advance

  • Gmail flagging Dovecot email as insecure

    Gmail flagging Dovecot email as insecureFebruary 16

    I thought I successfully secured my Postfix/Dovecot email server. I have a signed certificate from LetsEncrypt, which is valid for my domain. Sending & receiving works fine, but since Gmail started flagging insecure emails, all mail sent from my serv

  • How can my Gmail account be accessed through someone elses website? [on hold]February 16

    There is a website with a link and when you click on the link my Gmail account is displayed. The website is not related to my Gmail account.

  • How do I synchronize labels in gmailFebruary 16

    The problem: Message comes in, gets labeled 'foo' by a filter. Reply goes out. It does NOT get labeled foo, unless I explicitly do so. Suppose that message goes out with an attachment. Later I search -label:foo has:attachment This search fails. The m

  • Gmail is not delivering email with a linkFebruary 16

    Am using phpmailer to send email from my Gmail account. Gmail is not delivering emails if I have a link in message body. Here is my email Dear Zeeshan, Thank you again for calling Test. We improve our service based on your feedback. Will you please r

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