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  • Submitting a Google Review via google sign in api for iosJanuary 10

    I am using the https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/ios/ to allow a user to sign into their google account into my application. I would like to then allow that user to write & submit a review for my business. Is there an api or guide that s

  • How to convert a JSON to an array which can be used to bind values in a dropdown list?February 24

    I have an application where I can generate JSON, which in turn I use as input to GoogleCharts API to draw different visualizations. The pages of this web application are in HTML. Suppose I have a JSON which has a list of departments of a hospital, li

  • Youtube API v3 Can't reply or rate on any commentFebruary 17

    I am trying to comment and rate a comment via API but the resource is always canRate: false and canReply: false I I've tried through google javascript client and http get request, but nothing seems to be working. $http.get('https://www.googleapis.com

  • Google Drive API Error Daily Limit for Unauthenticated Use Exceeded

    Google Drive API Error Daily Limit for Unauthenticated Use ExceededFebruary 17

    Im getting error on using Google API. having right to connect with Google Drive and add new sheet and insert data into it. It was working till yesterday but when i run the application today. Im getting error : Error appears after users given token an

  • Where to put .p12 file for a Stash plugin?February 17

    So I'm trying to write a Stash post receive hook plugin that eventually writes some pertinent information to a Google spreadsheet. To do this, I have to pull the private key for Oauth2 authentication from a .p12 file. I made a couple test projects th

  • No Google API Token - Undefined Index: 'code'February 17

    I'm trying to compile a list of all of my emails using the Gmail API. I am using PHP (Lumen 5.2). So far I have a single function tied to a route that I'm testing $app->get('/gmail', [email protected]');. Here's that function: public func

  • How to use a Server key to access Google API?February 17

    I have registered my project on Google developers and have generated a server key, NOT an OAuth2.0 key. How do I use this server key to use the Google API. The exact API that I want to use is the YouTube Data API. I have found documentation for using

  • URL Shortener API StatsFebruary 17

    Thru Google API I am creating programatically short URLs. This works fine. On my API console I can see the stats showing, for example, the number of requests as "urlshortener.url.insert" several dozens since I started using this API last Friday.

  • How to send Application installation friend request for app installation from mobile via sms?February 17

    I tried and researched invite friends to use application by entering their phonenumber and sending the invitation. While send refer friend by using google api it will ask from which mail id to send request then it will automattically get all the mail

  • Tensorflow vs Google Prediction APIFebruary 17

    Talking only about the machine learning libraries (and not about the platform), is the prediction API available on GCP (Google Cloud Platform) same as its newly released tensorflow library? Is there any official documentation which clarifies this thi

  • use Browser run OAuth 2.0 Playground response "Invalid Credentials"February 17

    I created the OAuth 2.0 Credentials in the type of web application using : "https://developers.google.com" as Authorized JavaScript origins and using "https://developers.google.com/oauthplayground" as Authorized redirect URIs at OAuth

  • Error fetching OAuth2 Access token, message: " (Moodle Google Drive) [on hold]February 17

    We are attempting to sync Google Drive API Repository with our Moodle Server. I have created five projects in the console.developers.google.com and no luck. The funny part is that our API worked fine for three weeks, and then stopped, with the error

  • Google Calendar API event listing for given duration - PHPFebruary 17

    I am using the Google Calendar API via Oauth2 and am trying to submit an event query and get a list of events returned that take place during the submitted duration. i.e. give a starting time of 10:30am and ending time of 10:31am. Which events are ac

  • How to redirect a user to her Google calendar appFebruary 17

    I would like to redirect a user to her own Google calendar app. Currently, using the google calendar api, i'm able to use the calendarList method to get a users list of calendars. I then form a calendar url like so https://www.google.com/calendar/emb

  • How to view an image stored in Google cloud storage bucket?February 16

    I have a bucket that has images stored in it , when I retrieve the image using the public URL of the image it downloads it in the browser instead of showing the image in the browser , how can I view the image instead of downloading it. I use the foll

  • Can anyone confirm if ServiceAccount can be used to download Emails from any regular gmail account?February 16

    As per different threads here on stackoverflow, it seems that I can create a service account for any regular gmail account. But cannot assign permissions from the domain admin panel. Can anyone confirm if ServiceAccount can be used to download Emails

  • Google Calendar API push notifications "Events: watch","CalendarList: watch", functions stopped workingFebruary 16

    Google Calendar API push functionality is down. "Events: watch","CalendarList: watch", functions stopped working When creating a watch channel google is making a one time request to the relevant url, but when a resource (calendar / eve

  • Meteor: Display API result data on highcharts

    Meteor: Display API result data on highchartsFebruary 16

    I have a page which gets data (daily view count) from a users YouTube channel using the Google API and then I am trying to display this data on a chart using Highcharts (line chart). The user can also use a date picker and be able to change the time

  • DFA Reporting API v2.4 - list all reports or filter by nameFebruary 16

    I have a DFA account that has access to several hundred profiles from other accounts. Is there a way to get a list of all reports I have associated with a Profile, or at least filter by name? I want to keep a named Report for each Profile that I run

  • Accessing object properties? Google APIFebruary 16

    <?PHP $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; $searchterm = str_replace(' ', '%20', $_POST["searchterm"]); if(isset($_POST["submit"])){ // The request also includes the userip parameter which provides the end // user's IP address. Doing so w

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