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  • How to avoid stop music when open web pages?February 9

    When I am listening to the music with my headset and I travel on the web it happened that the music player stop when in the web page there is a video in automatic play. How can I manage it? I use Google-play music and Chrome

  • Is there any way to stream music (stand alone) from a wifi enabled smart watch running Android wear?January 30

    I recently purchased a sony smartwatch 3 and it has wifi built-in and is running android wear 5.1.1. One of the main reasons I bought a smartwatch was to listen to music while I'm at the gym which provides free wifi for its members. Also, I don't pre

  • Data not shown and can't be transferredJanuary 27

    I have loads of data on my micro SD card as well as phone memory but it does not show in the gallery or Google play music either. When I tried to transfer the files to my windows PC it showed a message saying device is disconnected. So, I can't trans

  • Google play Music now playing widget

    Google play Music now playing widget January 6

    At my desk, while working, I typically stream music from Google Play Music (GPM) using my Chromecast Audio device linked up to my hifi. I control this via my Samsung Galaxy S5. What I'd like is some way to display the 'now playing' track on my Window

  • Show Play Music's 'now playing' notification on Windows PC

    Show Play Music's 'now playing' notification on Windows PCJanuary 6

    At my desk, while working, I typically stream music from Google Play Music (GPM) using my Chromecast Audio device linked up to my hifi. I control this via my Samsung Galaxy S5. What I'd like is some way to display the 'now playing' track on my Window

  • Is accessing Google Play Music subscription files legal? January 4

    From Where does Google Play Music v5 store music locally? I can see that if I am rooted, I can access the .mp3 files which I have downloaded to play offline from my Google Play Music subscription and move it to (say) my computer. Now I know(?) that r

  • Some songs don't show up in Google Play Music on phone?December 21

    Before I start, no this is not a duplicate of this question. They just happen to have similar titles. Anyway, I wanted to listen to music on my Moto X smartphone. So like I have always done with every MP3 player and old phone I've had in the past, I

  • Play Music is cutting the musics before the endDecember 13

    https://productforums.google.com/forum/m/#!topic/apps/6UMXl2i7Gbg Many people with this issue. The player cuts the music about 10 seconds before the end. Some people on the above discussion say about delete all the files and copy all again, but other

  • Adding music to the Play Music queueNovember 24

    In "play music" mode must I be using a play list for the 'add to queue' function to work? Can I create an empty playlist with which to start queuing function? Add to queue does not seem to work when playing off the music library. Why? ----------

  • I can't find my .nomedia folder or the folder it is in anymore, but the files still seem to be thereNovember 4

    So i recently followed the advice posted here: How do I keep audiobook separate from Google Music? by @Tzunki in order to keep my audiobooks out of Google Play Music. I made a .Audiobooks folder and put them all in there and then added a .nomedia fol

  • Google music: offline listening after subscription expires?October 22

    I am thinking about getting a subscription to google music after seeing so many good reviews (plus, the same subscription will allow you access to Youtube Red when it comes out! source). I just have this doubt: if I can't renew my subscription one mo

  • Prevent apps from pausing Google Play MusicOctober 14

    Some applications tend to pause my music. I know it is paused because the Google Play Music widget shows the play button and pressing it resumes the song. Is it possible to remove that function or privilege? Music : Google Play Music App : Learn SQL

  • Using an OTG drive with Google Play Music?October 8

    I just bought an OTG drive thinking I could mount it and cache music on it on Google Play Music. I am using a 2014 Moto X, with 16GB internal storage. It mounts just fine on the device, but Google Play Music doesn't "see" the USB drive--the opti

  • Can't find music I downloaded from Google play musicSeptember 26

    I just downloaded the Google play music subscription and downloaded a bunch of music that is supposed to download to my SD card but cannot find any of my music and its also not downloading to my SD card. Almost any app or music I try downloading or m

  • Location for custom Ringtones/Alarms/Notifications that hides them from Play Music?September 21

    There seems to be a lot of misinformation about the proper location and format for custom Ringtones, Notifications, and Alarms in Android and I'm wondering what is correct. I've read that the path could be any one of the following: /sdcard/Ringtones/

  • Cannot find where Google Play Music stores downloaded files (different from similar posts)

    Cannot find where Google Play Music stores downloaded files (different from similar posts)September 8

    About a year or two ago, I decided to use Google Play Music as my "cloud host", so I took all of my old music that I'd had sitting on my computer, and uploaded it to Google Play Music. This is all my own purchased music, mostly originally from C

  • Can I download google play music unlimited times from the app?September 5

    From a web browser you can only download music twice, does this apply to the play music app aswell? Update: App doesn't have a limit, allows unlimited downloads. Source: http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/download-music-google-play-phone/

  • Google Play Music PlaylistsAugust 31

    So I'm just wondering if there is a way to "mass select" a heap of songs and then add them to a playlist all at once instead of having to select one song, add it to a playlist etc. for every song. Cheers. --------------Solutions------------- I'm

  • Chrome crashes Play MusicAugust 26

    OK, I've been having this problem for a while now. And it's back with a vengeance. I have 2 phones. A 2013 Moto G and an LG Transpyre VS810PP. Both phones have the same chipset, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 8x26. Both are qaud core Cortex A7 processor

  • Why does google play music conceal music files from the user on an android but not on a desktop computer?August 21

    It seems inconsistent to me. I can do anything I want with files I bought from the play store as long as I'm on my computer. What's the point of restricting access on phones? --------------Solutions------------- Google Music tries its best to hide th

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