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  • How to connect GoPro4 through a router(openwrt)?November 1

    I would like to connect GoPro4 that pos in my home remotely from my office. This is my home network before. ISP ↑ ↓Wan Router A ↑lan(port1) ↓lan(port4) Wifi-Router B(Openwrt) ↑Wireless ↓Wireless Devices: Phone\PC\Laptop Now I want to connect GoPro4 U

  • How do I wirelessly transfer data from a GoPro Hero4 to a Mac?February 12

    I can get my Hero4 to wirelessly transfer files to my Ipad using the GoPro app, but I can't seem to do the same to my computer. Is there a way I can get these files transferred wirelessly to my Mac? --------------Solutions------------- You can simply

  • Is it possible to use the GoPro camera when it is connected to a pc/notebook with a USB Cable?August 21

    I have Hero3+ Black Edition. For now I cannot shoot or even configure the camera when it is connected to a notebook with a USB Cable. When I connect my camera to a notebook with a USB Cable, a charging battery icon and a USB icon appear on a camera s

  • GoPro on wifi and internet on LanJuly 3

    I have here an gopro and I would like to connect to it while still being able to browse the internet, so I connect my wifi to the gopro's one ( and I can interact with it) but when I then use my usb - LAN adapter I can connect to the internet, but no

  • Connecting to the GoPro wifi network through a routerFebruary 19

    I have a GoPro Hero3+ camera, and I want to stream it to my PC. Looking online there are many guides to doing just that, but they all require me to be on the same wifi network as the GoPro itself. My PC doesn't have a wifi; it's connected to a wirele

  • Some apps crash on x86 android eeepc 4G (701). Why and what can I do?June 10

    I installed x86 android on my asus eeepc 4G 701 and it was a success out of the box! Then I installed the gopro app for my camera to connect and control it via wifi. The pc cannot maintain a connection to more than one wifi network. It is either conn

  • Can I transfer files from to GoPro 3 to my PC over Wifi? February 4

    There's an android / IOS app which connects to the GoPro3's WiFi to let you change settings, preview, and function the camera -- but it doesn't allow you to transfer the files. (Also I want to transfer them to my pc) Is there an application for windo

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