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  • Chrome Developer Tools - Multiple resources served by same domainFebruary 14

    I'm trying to analyze performance bottlenecks in my web application I recently ran an audit using chromes Developer Tools One warning said combine external javascript(11) There are multiple resources served from same domain. Consider combining them i

  • Grunt and grunt-contrib-uglify - Sources outside of localhost

    Grunt and grunt-contrib-uglify - Sources outside of localhostFebruary 11

    Question Part 1 In my current setup, I have a folder that looks like this: /wwwroot <-- Hosted in localhost /_project <-- Contains gruntfile.js /_dev <-- Contains Source Code The wwwroot folder is hosted in XAMPP and open in my browser. The _proj

  • JavaScript Module pattern files concatenation in a one file and using their functionsJanuary 29

    I write different files under JavaScript Module Patern like this: file 1.js var Module = (function (module) { module.function = function () { console.log(this.thirdFunction) // This is my issue. I cannot access the function from the third file becaus

  • angular-js uglify downloaded modulesJanuary 25

    So i have an angular application. With this application i have alot of plugins (modules) that i use in my app. i am trying to minify them which actually works. However after they have been minified (uglifyed) im getting the following error: failed to

  • Include Source Maps for js files served from google cloud storageJanuary 25

    I'm using Grunt to concatenate and minify all my js files, I have used map to make debugging possible.I can get the source file when I serve the js minified js file from project directory but when I get it from the cloud I could not get the source ma

  • grunt uglify bower_components folderJanuary 25

    So my project has ALOT of plugins installed with bower All of these are in their own custom folder all contained in the bower_components folder Now I wish to run a grunt script that basically takes all of these and uglify them. So I created the follo

  • grunt-contrib-uglify fails invalid syntax for binary numberJanuary 18

    When I try to uglify a JS-File I get this message: 'Invalid syntax: 0b00000001' Is there an option that uglify can handle binary numbers?

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