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  • Wacom Stylus integration with MyScriptFebruary 15

    I am using MyScript framework for handwriting recognition. We do need to use Wacom stylus for writing and enable palm rejection. How can this be achieved. Does MyScript provide this functionality?

  • Handwriting recognition using Microsoft ink [on hold]February 12

    In my application, I have a canvas and captured array of coordinates of points of characters drawn on the canvas. Microsoft.Ink assembly has Strokes class which also contains the series of coordinates of points of characters and does text recognition

  • Hand writing recognitionJanuary 25

    I need to make an internal application for personal use where i can write with pen on paper, and it can be stored digitally. This must have minimal hardware requirement, to avoid extra cost. What are the services and devices available for building su

  • How to disable Windows 10 handwritting dialog?

    How to disable Windows 10 handwritting dialog? August 5

    This question already has an answer here: Permanently remove/disable Touch Keyboard in Windows 8 taskbar? 13 answers I have upgraded my PC to Windows 10, I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet connected to it, and now every time I click into an editable contro

  • The pen of Surface Pro 3 doesn't distinguish between writing and selectingFebruary 2

    I have a problem with the pen with Surface Pro 3 and OneNote 2013(desktop version). The pen worked normally until recently, when it stopped properly distinguishing between writing and selecting. For example when I want to write the word "who", a

  • How do I add handwriting support for non-English languages?

    How do I add handwriting support for non-English languages?November 9

    I'd like to use the handwriting recognition features for Japanese. Currently only English is available: As seen from the Touch Keyboard (C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Ink\tabtip.exe) This is what I get after enumerating through InkRe

  • Form recognition using OCR and return image of the valueOctober 15

    I'm on a project that processes hundreds of forms. The forms have consistent formats but are filled out by hand by different people. I need a way to quickly process all of this data into electronic forms. OCR recognition for typed documents seems mat

  • How to teach math handwriting recognition?

    How to teach math handwriting recognition?May 2

    Very often Windows does not present me with correct answer to teach. For example, in following case it does not allow me to enter xi letter: Is it possible to do something with this?

  • Is it possible to give Evernote handwriting recognition?November 24

    I have a lot of handwritten notes on my desk. I'd like to scan them in once a week and have the handwritten notes recognised and stored in Evernote, in order to have a full text search for all the notes. I read that this is possible but cannot figure

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