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  • Self Contained Temperature Display in Very High Temp EnvironmentMay 11

    I want to build a temperature sensor + display that will operate in a high temperature environment (routinely 120C, but periodically spiking to 175C, and might be exposed to 350C where it would be required to survive for very long--ie it could fail a

  • The role of humidity is BSOD and other glitchesApril 3

    For some unknown reason to me hearing aids require dehumidifying. The humidity somehow very significantly interferes with the microphones and other electronics. Daily dehumidifying stops the interference. Does humidity play a role in tablet, phone an

  • Wire for harsh environment

    Wire for harsh environmentMarch 11

    One of the jobs I often have to perform is repairing the infra-red sensing headsets for BattleSports equipment. Basically the headset consists of a pair of IR detectors and red LEDs for indication. They are worn on the head, and connect to the Battle

  • Are there crystals that are tolerant of high pressure?

    Are there crystals that are tolerant of high pressure?January 28

    Are there crystals that are tolerant of high pressure? Or do they all have an open space in their case? A customer wants to use our product in a submarine, immersed in high pressure oil. I thought we'd be OK using SMD crystals, based on this Wikipedi

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