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  • What is the different between Parse-server and Parse-server-example on ParsePlatform on GitHub?February 17

    I am doing migration from my Parse hosted applications to ParseServer running on AWS or Heroku slowly. The Heroku "guide to deploy to Heroku and MongoLab" uses "Parse-server-example" on GitHub while the ParseServer wiki mentions clonin

  • What is the URL to a heroku git repository?February 17

    I am new to Heroku. Recently I created a NodeJS application with the Heroku git and deployed it on Heroku. I used the following command to clone the repository to my local computer from the Heroku git. heroku git:clone -a {app_name} How would I be ab

  • heroku: all background tasks end with database errorsFebruary 17

    I have several background Django tasks on my Heroku project. When they are run, each task causes an error log by postgres: 2016-02-17T20:08:21Z app[postgres.889]: [DATABASE] could not receive data from client: Connection reset by peer this happens ev

  • How can I deploy a django+swampdragon realtime chatapp on heroku?February 17

    A simple django chatapp with swampdragon runs perfectly locally. But when I try to deploy it on heroku it shows "Error R10 (Boot timeout) -> Web process failed to bind to $PORT within 60 seconds of launch" in the log. In the proc file I added

  • Python Application with OpenCV on HerokuFebruary 17

    I need to run a python application on Heroku that uses Open Cv as in this question: Python web application with OpenCV in Heroku Unfortunately, Heroku does not seem to be able to fetch this build pack. I always get the error:Fetching set buildpack BU

  • Application and Worpress blog in same Url with different subdirectory. Amazon RouteFebruary 17

    I have an application on heroku. I also have a Cname on Amazon Route 53 that allows to access to my application. Something like example.com let me to access to my Heroku application. I have created a ubuntu instance on Amazon EC2 and I have installed

  • PHP Real-time chat back up server production issuesFebruary 17

    I have built out a real time chat application powered by PubNub. At present, I allow messages to be sent and received directly to and from a user through PubNub alone. However, I wish to "save" these messages by first pushing them to my server/d

  • Heroku app database resettingFebruary 17

    After running through Getting Started with Python on Heroku, I launched my first app. Everything seems to be working fine, but after a little while (a few hours maybe), the database resets. My hypothesis of the root cause is that my django app is usi

  • How to run auto restart in heroku for ruby scriptsFebruary 17

    In my Dev box on Nitrous, I am able to run God -c scripts.god -D to restart the two .rb files if they die. I just run that and the processes for the most part stay alive. But I cannot do the same in heroku. It seems when I run the god command the .go

  • Heroku: update sqlite database on diskFebruary 17

    I have a django application (a PoC, not a final product) with a backend library which uses a SQLite database to obtain data needed for processing - read only. The SQLite database is part of the repo and deployed to Heroku during the usual deployment

  • Java jax - rs program to accept files from external systemsFebruary 17

    I am trying to create a simple Java Jax-RS based webservice which accepts the file in a byte[] format or as a blob and pushes it to an FTP folder. This service is used by Salesforce to push files to directories via this Java API. For testing i have h

  • Continuous Deployment of a NodeJS using GitLabFebruary 17

    I have an API developed in NodeJS and have successfully set up continuous integration via a .gitlab-ci.yml file. The next stage is to set up continuous deployment to Heroku if all tests pass on the master branch. There are plenty of tutorials coverin

  • Heroku Django Deploy Push Failed: Utils::CytokineUnknownErrorFebruary 17

    Heroku deploy of python app fails during verification with the following errors. It used to get deployed previously. remote: Successfully installed Django-1.8.6 Pillow-3.0.0 Werkzeug-0.11 boto-2.38.0 click-3.3 dj-database-url-0.3.0 dj-static-0.0.6 dj

  • Pil or Pillow on Heroku dosen't workFebruary 17

    I tried to migrate my django app to heroku, but Pil library can't work on heroku. My requirements.txt below works fine on other container based platform, but not on heroku. Django==1.4.6 Pil django-mptt==0.5.2 ... I've checked some QAs on stackoverfl

  • heroku getting started guide project not working with 'heroku local'February 17

    After cloning the directory then running 'heroku local' the only output is: forego | starting web.1 on port 5000 web.1 | module.js338 the process does not show up in the process list. accessing http://localhost:5000 returns ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED I'm

  • Deploy Grails 3.1.1 to Heroku

    Deploy Grails 3.1.1 to HerokuFebruary 17

    I was using 3.0.14v Grails and I did some deployments to heroku. Everything was working fine, however I wanted to try with Grails 3.1.1 and I'm getting some errors now. I was following this post https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/deploying-gradle-

  • Can't push database to heroku because database is not empty errorFebruary 17

    Hello and excuse my english Trying to push my postgres DB to heroku with the command: heroku pg:push projectDB DATABASE_URL --app my_project_app67654 I got the message: ! Remote database is not empty. ! Please create a new database, or use `heroku pg

  • Cannot deploy. Heroku dashboard shows "Latest build failed"

    Cannot deploy. Heroku dashboard shows "Latest build failed"February 16

    Here's the log (I'm very new to this so I've redacted some stuff in the lower section that looked like it might be private): -----> Using set buildpack heroku/ruby -----> Ruby app detected -----> Compiling Ruby/Rails -----> Using Ruby version:

  • Exporting individual tables from a Heroku production databaseFebruary 16

    Our production database for our Rails 4 application is fairly large and it takes a while to download. I'd like to grab a couple of tables such as Users and Addresses without having to take the time to download the production database from Heroku (htt

  • Transferring some (not all) files between S3 buckets using Paperclip

    Transferring some (not all) files between S3 buckets using PaperclipFebruary 16

    I have a Heroku-hosted app that uses Paperclip to store User photos on Amazon S3 I want to move some (not all) files to a new bucket based on some internal logic (the app is multi-tenant and I'm separating AWS file storage and my Postgres DB into sep

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