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  • Live and backup application server designNovember 28

    My IT environment is Windows based and application is legacy 2005 VC++ based. There are some dependent dll;s those are not letting us to migrate to new environment. Apache is running behind and handling all web requests. What will be correct live and

  • How do I prevent Maven's spring-boot plugin from copying static resources to target?February 17

    I recently updated the OS on my laptop (Linux Mint 17.1 => 17.3) and now when I run my project with mvn spring-boot:run static resources are copied to the target folder, essentially caching them. Thus I have to completely bounce the server to see cha

  • Android hotswap with Intellij 15.0.3February 17

    Is hotswap enabled for Android debugger in IntelliJ 15.0.3? I have strange problems where debugger don't stop at breakpoints and enum's seem to loaded by different classLoaders. Does anyone know if these problems could be caused by hotswap-debugging

  • Intellij IDEA Hotswap for .xhtml files with WebLogicFebruary 15

    I have been working to find out this problem however with no success. I have a project that uses primefaces and .xhtmls, .javas etc. I am using Weblogic server in Intellij IDEA. I am trying to see changes from my browser when I change the .xhtml file

  • Java HotSwap. Block hotswaps from specified developerJanuary 25

    Sometimes some developers perform hotswap from IntellijIdea (Ctrl+Shift+F9) and we have one commons server that has debug port enabled and they do that on debug in IntelliJ Idea. I have two questions How to limit this possibility for different develo

  • nexenta and hotswap sas disks. cfgadm not working properlyOctober 13

    There is a problem with the hot-swap SAS drives. Initial data: Nexenta 4.0.2 Server-based Supermicro (MB S5520HC, internal RAID controller RMS2LL080/LSI 2008), 12 HDD SAS 300G 10 HDD SATA 1T, 2 SSD 160G. Disks are divided into three pools: System SAS

  • How can I tell if the server supports hot-swapping drives?

    How can I tell if the server supports hot-swapping drives?September 2

    I recently purchased a used server (the type that fits into a rack, rather than a free-standing machine). One nice feature, is rather than having to open up the cover and unscrew the harddrives, this machine has eight "easy to use" caddies on th

  • Server disk failure predicted in raid1 arrayJuly 16

    I have a IBM 3650X M3 with 2 disks in a raid1 array. One of them is in "failure predicted" state. I have two question about this case: Should I trust it and change a working disk? How the system can predict a failure? How to change a working dis

  • Adding additional hot swap drive to HP ProLiant DL360 in RAID1 configJune 23

    I have a HP ProLiant DL360p Gen8 server. It has 8 drive bays with only 6 being used in a RAID1 config. Can I add an additional 2 drives to the empty bays hot and the HP Smart Array Controller will configure them automatically into the RAID and they'l

  • Proactively hot-swap a suspect driveJune 3

    For one drive in a hardware RAID 1 mirror set (Areca ARC-1200 under Linux), smartmontools is beginning to report read errors with the short selftest every other week. The long selftest still completes without errors. While this is not a critical situ

  • Hot-remove memory in a Linux virtual machineMay 12

    Linux supports hot-adding memory when running as a VM guest, in VMware for example. (Sometimes you need to manually inform the guest OS.) Is there a safe way to do the inverse operation - reducing the amount of memory allocated to a virtual machine,

  • In which order do I plug the SATA power and data cables for hotplug?

    In which order do I plug the SATA power and data cables for hotplug?May 8

    I've found diverging instructions on the 'net about this. To recap: SATA with the 4-pin Molex (white) power plug is not hot-pluggable, but either the wide connector or the separate (15-pin power and 7-pin data) connectors are. However, in which order

  • connecting HP gen 5 SAS raid cage to a third party (3ware, LSI) controller?January 2

    I have a ML350 G5 that I'm thinking of repurposing to save money. I'm looking to install FreeNAS but it (ZFS) doesn't play nice with the HP e200i card that's part of the motherboard from what I've read. I'd like to buy a good, used pcie x4 / x8 RAID

  • How can I have Linux execute a bash script when a specific disk is hotswapped in?December 30

    I have a set of hard drives which are rotated for offsite backup. There are several steps that need to be performed when one of the disks is reinserted which I've rolled into a simple bash script. I'd like to execute the script automatically when one

  • RAM hot-add HP Proliant - EsxiSeptember 3

    I have to add some RAM to my HP Proliant DL385 g7 and I was wondering if I can hot-add the memory due to some mission critical VMs that I can't move because of lack of hardware. I use ESXi 5.5 as HV. I tried to look around HP support site but I didn'

  • How to reliably and conveniently mirror 2 drives in hotswap hdd racks (likely without RAID1)?

    How to reliably and conveniently mirror 2 drives in hotswap hdd racks (likely without RAID1)?August 9

    I have the following situation: Need to store 1 original + 1 copy for data sets that are 1-2 TB in size Need to use consumer SATA drives, 1 for original, 1 for copy Need to store 50+ such data sets Data sets are ~rarely accessed / changed so drives w

  • Best practice on hot-swapping disk

    Best practice on hot-swapping diskMay 24

    I've been putting myself to find an learn more about the product before posting a question. Well, I've tried my luck and didn't got a proper answer to my questions. So I'm posting it here. Had an issue with the RAID due to a disk failure, replaced it

  • HyperV Eject passthru disk while VM is runningMarch 24

    I have a disk that I need to connect as a pass thru for one of my guest OSes, sbs 2011. The guests internal backup program will backup to the disk, which I'm planning to attach to the VMS SCSI controller. Since its a backup disk I also want to swap i

  • Remove sata drive while running?March 13

    I have a hyperv 2012 r2 server, and the case has two bays where you can open a drawer and slide in a bare SATA drive. Theres a data and power connector at the back of the bay with cables to connect to sata card or motherboard inside the case, as well

  • Is it Possible to Automatically Resilver a ZFS Array On HotswapFebruary 11

    I'm trying to learn about ZFS for a NAS I'm planning on building. I'm trying to understand if the following scenario would be possible to set up. Disclaimer: I know very little about ZFS, so forgive me if I say something stupid. I have 4 drives in a

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