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  • httperf always get "Connection refused" (MacOS)February 10

    I want to use httperf as a benchmark tool for developing RubyOnRails site. But it always gets "Connection refused" and I have no idea why. 12:24 $ httperf localhost --port=3000 -v -d10 httperf --verbose --client=0/1 --server=localhost --port=300

  • Connection vs request in httperfOctober 15

    What is the difference between # of connections and # of requests as shown in the httperf results? My understanding is that HTTP requests are stateless, so that each request would require a separate connection. Do httperf utilize the same connection

  • Concurrent POST requests using httperfOctober 13

    I am trying to stress test a server using httperf by sending multiple concurrent (say 1000) POST requests (with contents) at a specific rate per second (say 100). Is this the correct command: httperf --server= --port=1234 --hog --rate=1

  • Benchgraph httpref - cannot execute binary fileApril 10

    I am trying to make graph of an httperf file with benchgraph (http://www.uprb.edu/profesor/jsola/benchgraph/) When I run the command: benchgraph --ff txt --fn httperf --exporter httperf I get bash: /usr/local/sbin/benchgraph: cannot execute binary fi

  • httperf burst­length when using wsesslogFebruary 10

    I am trying to use httperf to stress test a server using the following syntax httperf --hog --client=0/1 --server myserver.com \ --wsesslog=2000,2,mysessions.cfg --max-piped-calls 5 --rate 150 this should create 2000 sessions at a rate of 150 req/s m

  • making use of multiple cores with autobench/httperfAugust 22

    I would like to benchmark a powerfull webcluster with autobench. The problem is that autobench (which uses httperf) can only use one core, thus limiting the amount of load that a client can put on the web cluster. One core is definatly not enough to

  • Connections and requests values for load testing July 18

    I want to apply some load testing to my web (remote) server, actually I have tried Httperf with Autobench, but I don't have the knowledge to know what values to use for the number of connections and number of requests/seg. So I have 2 questions: 1) W

  • httperf hangs when using --hogNovember 16

    I'm using httperf from a large ec2 instance with ubuntu 10.04 (no other software installed). When I test without --hog the tests run however when I use --hog the tests never end --------------Solutions------------- I had the same problem but the patc

  • how to simulate load on multiple app servers when nginx balances load according to IPNovember 13

    I use httperf from external server to stress test my app (on scalr/EC2). However nginx is configured to distribute load according to IP address of the source (so each app server will receive all the traffic from the same user). Any idea how to work a

  • Advice for simulating a high load on a web application - realistic httperf parametersOctober 27

    I have already selected httperf as the load testing tool to use. I'm trying to figure out some realistic parameters to use, and if I need to use multiple machines to create more simultaneous connections, etc. I've done some basic load testing before

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