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  • Javascript / jquery - Re-allow opening a modal after hiding itFebruary 5

    I used this question to hiding a modal after I clicked outside it. $(document).mouseup(function (e) { var container = $(".messenger"); if (!container.is(e.target) // if the target of the click isn't the container... && container.has(e.ta

  • Hubspot API - Get contact by email is giving HTTP Error 401: UnauthorizedFebruary 2

    I am requesting a Search for contact by email using Hubspot API I kept on getting HTTP Error 401 Unauthorized. The request is been sent from a view in Django. See code below. Of course the [email protected] and xxxxxx are repalced by the proper values

  • Flexible columns in Hubspot Email TemplateFebruary 1

    While developing an email template in Hubspot, I stumbled upon a problem with flexible content columns. I wanted the user to be able to drag and drop modules into the email template just like standard website page templates. But upon saving I get the

  • Hubspot Custom Module for RSS Parsing in EmailsJanuary 22

    Hubspot's native RSS parsing is very limited. However, Hubspot allows for custom modules to be created. I'm looking for a way to build my own RSS parser in Hubspot to insert RSS content into emails.

  • How do I modify a Hubspot javascript form that is system generatedJanuary 19

    I'm having an issue where I'm trying to extend a Hubspot form in their CMS to get some additional functionality out of it. Unfortunately I can not edit the code they have in the CMS so thought there might be a way to add some javascript after their c

  • Hubspot API How do you get notes (engagement) for a contact?January 18

    All I get is this output http://cl.ly/291c2v2g3G1N When I get a contact where do I look to get the engagments IDs? I see a lot of things that say engagement that aren't quite actually engagements. When I use those IDs I get the above. The API says wh

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