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  • What is the difference between micro-kernel and monolithic-kernel? January 2

    This question already has an answer here: How does Linux kernel compare to microkernel architectures? 8 answers I heard that Unix/Linux is a monolithic-kernel whereas Hurd is micro-kernel. So, I want to know what is the difference between these kerne

  • HURD: Why is remote process not killed?January 1

    On most UNIX systems this will not leave a process running: ssh example.net sleep 1000 <<CTRL-C>> I have tested this behaviour on aix centos debian dragonfly freebsd hpux irix mandriva miros netbsd openbsd openindiana qnx redhat scosysv solari

  • Would it be possible to compile and bootstrap GNU?August 23

    A new Guix release came out some time ago. And I got the idea that if I can bootstrap glibc, gcc, and guix to HURD and Mach, I can have a non-Linux GNU system. But I also need some software like bash, emacs, binutils, coreutils, an init system. Do an

  • Is it possible to run pure GNU?September 16

    On the GNU Project webpage, there's a subsection called "All GNU packages" which lists the various software in the GNU project. Are there any GNU distributions which use only these packages -- i.e. a "pure" GNU operating system that ru

  • Why isn't Linux embraced as the official GNU kernel?April 28

    While I knew for quite some time the existence of Hurd, and its mission as the official GNU Operating System kernel, I was wondering how come Linux is not embraced as the official GNU kernel over the years, seeing as it is in a much better state than

  • GNU/Hurd vs. GNU/LinuxOctober 29

    I was quite surprised to learn that the GNU project has an independent kernel of their own called Hurd. And there are mainstream distributions like Arch Hurd and Debian GNU/Hurd which uses it. Is there any significant advantage for Hurd over Linux? -

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