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  • Regarding using I2C with Arduino for Silicon Micro-structure 5852 D 1.5 psiMay 3

    I am trying to get output from a sensor (micro-structure 5852D), but I only get two outputs: 11 and 255 for even applying pressure. The following is my code, please show me how to over come this problem. #include "Wire.h" #define addrs 0x5F // I

  • STM32F1 I2C Multi-Master communication issueFebruary 17

    I'm using STM32F107VCT6 nC and try to communicate with some other devices via I2C interface. After initialization of I2c I can send commands, but other devices answer me only if I deinitialize my I2C(I see it in logic analyzer). If not, SDA line stay

  • i want to write I2C Device Driver for i2c sensor? im totally confusing please help me?February 17

    i want to write i2c device driver for i2c sensor,im totally confusing with what is 1).i2c client driver 2).what is i2c host driver 3).what is i2c adapter driver 4).what is algorithm driver 5).how char driver access i2c device information

  • Problems with reading a block of memory from a device via SMBusFebruary 17

    I'm trying to rewrite some code from an arduino to run on the BBB. And have encountered problems when trying to get a block of memory from a sensor. What I need to do is to read data from 6 consecutive bytes. This is the source code I'm trying to rew

  • STM8S I2C Master Missing ACK

    STM8S I2C Master Missing ACKFebruary 15

    I use I2C communication with two stm8s boards. My master code: I2C_GenerateSTART(ENABLE); I2C_Send7bitAddress(0x30, I2C_DIRECTION_TX); I2C_SendData(0x61); I2C_GenerateSTOP(ENABLE); delay(1500); My slave address is 0x30. I send 0x61. I analyzed stm8s

  • How to use a MCP23017 with MCP3008 for I2C voltage sensor with Raspberry Pi?February 12

    I would like to know if is possible to use an MCP23017 16 bit I/O expander with a MCP3008 ADC and read the voltage with a Raspberry Pi 2. I want to use the ADC as an I2C device. I would like to do this so I don't have to run the program a 'root', so

  • BLE112 and Java read I2C calling gatt uuid

    BLE112 and Java read I2C calling gatt uuidFebruary 12

    I would like to ask for your help. The problem is: I am working with the project experimenting with RaspberyPi B+ and BLE112 made by Bluegiga company. I have decided to do the project using java programming language and as API I have used https://git

  • Flickering on PCA9685 PWM controller with 3W RGB LED and PicobuckFebruary 11

    I'm hoping someone here has some experience with the PCA 9685 PWM controller (16 channel, I2c interface). So far everything is working pretty well after getting the circuit connected properly. I'm using a Picobuck LED driver to drive this high power

  • What's the correct way to access I2C devices in a multi-threaded app, in Window 10 IoT Core?February 11

    Does anyone have an example of using multiple I2C devices in multiple threads? I'm having a bit of a problem with mine, it's one of those where if I single step it everything works and if I run it full sped everything messes up - clearly a race condi

  • What is that mean "This Sensor use 5v as a working Voltage only"?February 10

    I am trying to understand the mean of 3.3v or 5v IC but I don't know how to use the right keyword in search engine to fine the explain article so I'll explain... We know Arduino UNO R3 as example have 5v and 3.3v power out pins so i could use to to s

  • Computation during analogRead on ArduinoFebruary 10

    The Arduino A/D converter takes about 0.1ms according to the manual. Actually, my tests show that on an Uno I can execute about 7700 per second in a loop. Unfortunately analogRead waits while the reading is being performed, making it difficult to get

  • MCP3424, how to read channels in parallel?

    MCP3424, how to read channels in parallel?February 10

    About this question I do not have an electronics engineering background, and this is one of my first challenges with communicating via I2C, and with writing to a register, so please do not assume too much knowledge from my side. I'm programming an Ar

  • Is it possible to use two communication protocols in one microcontroller?February 8

    So I've been trying to communicate between the Beaglebone Black and atmega through I2C for quite such time and have been facing quite a lot of problems with it. On the other hand I can successfully communicate between two Atmega through I2C with ease

  • raspberry pi i2c clockFebruary 8

    I am trying to create a clock with my raspberry pi. I am using this guide, and using the supplied files (or trying to) I get the error: [Errno 2] No such file or directory I cd into the directory, and run: python clock_i2c.py It doesnt tell me what f

  • Master and slave code for i2c in C for PIC February 7

    I need to send data between pic's.I would like the master to send var and have the slave reply with var++. I have read some datasheets and tried some of the sample code available, but can still not get I2c to work. I would like any guidance to get I2

  • stm8s208cb(slave) and stm105c6t6(master) I2C CommunicationFebruary 5

    I want to use I2C communication between stm8s208cb(slave) and stm8s105c6t6(master). I use stm8s standard peripheral library. stm8s105c6t6(master) code: -in the void main CLK_HSIPrescalerConfig(CLK_PRESCALER_HSIDIV1); //16MHz clock I2C_Init(400000, 0x

  • Arduino and STM8 I2C CommunicationFebruary 3

    I want to I2C communication stm8s(slave) and arduino uno(master), but it does not work. Arduino Uno(master) code: void setup() { Wire.begin(); // join i2c bus (address optional for master) } void loop() { Wire.beginTransmission(0x30); // transmit to

  • MCP3221 ADC always returns zero in Proteus

    MCP3221 ADC always returns zero in ProteusFebruary 2

    I am interfacing PIC18F2320 with MCP3221 ADC over I2C. When I try to read the converted value from ADC, only zeros are returned. I'm using MPLAB libraries. ADC is in A5 address mode. The AIN voltage is 2.503 V, what should be around 2048 after conver

  • I2C read from registers with Arduino

    I2C read from registers with ArduinoFebruary 2

    I'm having some trouble understanding I2C. This is my first time using the protocol. The documentation says the following I just don't know if I am supposed to write to a read register and the two bytes are 0x00 and 0x01, or use Wire.request to reque

  • I2C with 1.8V levels without level shifters?

    I2C with 1.8V levels without level shifters?January 31

    I have problems detecting an MPU-6050 I2C device on the Intel Edison Mini breakout board (it only supports 1.8V levels). According to the thread here, it might be possible to get the sensor working with 1.8V levels: "The MPU-6050 also supports differ

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