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  • Can I use 802.1x and LACP to secure the networking infrastructure?August 3

    Suppose you have a network like this: +-------------------------+ +---------------------------+ | | | | | | | | +--------+ | core |---------| core | | radius |---------| switch #1 |---------| switch #2 | | server | | | | | +--------+ | | | | +-------

  • Propagate VLAN through VPN (IPsec)?

    Propagate VLAN through VPN (IPsec)?November 5

    I have a question about connecting two LANs (logically same LAN) over a VPN. In picture below you can see overall representation of our implementation. Description: On each side, we have distinct sites with AAA servers (both servers share same base).

  • Radius NAC with 802.1x on Cisco WLC doesn't assign correct dynamic VLAN ID October 30

    I'm implementing a NAC solution in my company, but I have come to dead end. My setup: Cisco WLC + MS based Radius server integrated with AD. The idea is to have 4 VLANs. Everything works as it should with the wired network but not using the Cisco WLC

  • Configure a DLINK AP to connect to 802.1x LAN September 14

    My hostel is in the process of implementing AAA using 802.1x, PEAP + MSCHAPv2 on Ethernet. I have a DLINK 850L router, is it possible to configure it to connect to 802.1x? DD-WRT is not available for this (Realtek chipset). I am not looking for exact

  • Cisco 3750 802.1x - Invalid Eapol packet lengthMarch 10

    Having a tough time here getting EAP-TLS to work. I am converting from a EAP-PEAP solution to EAP-TLS and have done the steps required for PKI so as to be not a certificate issue. (server and client certs signed by same CA) I believe there is an issu

  • EAP packets generated for plain MAC-based authenticationJanuary 2

    I wanted to implement trivial MAC-based authentication on some Cisco SG300 (small-business) switches. The client doesn't ask for auth but I simply want the client's MAC address to be authenticated, like for a printer. Those switches can do both 802.1

  • Per-user network authentication without mac-filteringDecember 28

    I am aware of MAC address filtering available on most wifi access points, but mac filtering doesn't establish a user identity, it only controls access on a device by device basis. One user may have many devices, so mac filtering doesn't scale well. I

  • Should Consumer Router plugged into dotx (802.1x) enabled port see only WAN MAC address?October 22

    Probably a quick question. I am testing my dotx (802.1x) deployment on an Access Layer switch. I want to know if I plug in a consumer router, like a Linksys or Netgear, will the dotx only see the WAN's ports MAC address during the authentication proc

  • 802.1x on Access VLAN only, not on Voice VLANOctober 14

    I've successfully configured a Cisco 3750G to perform the authenticator function of the 802.1x process. I have a test Win7 machine as a supplicant and a Windows 2008 server running NPS as the Authentication Server. The Win7 machine is able to success

  • Does 802.1X Multiple Hosts mode only work for access points or even through another switch?September 26

    802.1X Multiple Hosts mode is usually used when an access point acts as a supplicant and authenticates to the switch, then allows further hosts by bridging it to the wireless network. My question is whether this will work with a second switch instead

  • Regarding Dot1X dynamic VLAN assignmentAugust 28

    Situation: I am trying to get 802.1X working for me. I want RADIUS server to dynamically assign VLANs to ports based on RADIUS reply attribute for particular user. I have an HP E2620 switch and a FreeRADIUS server. The supplicant is a Windows 8.1 mac

  • Wireless (Ruckus) and Dynamic VLAN Assignment via Microsoft NPSOctober 11

    Our current 802.11 setup has a large number of SSIDs to segregate traffic by subnet. This isn't ideal, and I've been attempting to consolidate to a single SSID but use dynamic VLANs instead. This is on a Ruckus Zonedirector 3000 and Microsoft NPS as

  • Dell powerconnect 6248 voice vlan next to dot1xJune 14

    We are testing currently dot1x auth against FreeRADIUS/AD in the network. The vlans are dynamically assigned by FreeRADIUS on AD-group base. This works, but now the problem comes: We wanted to add our ip-telephones which doesn't speak dot1x to the ne

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