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  • How can I change the background of a post in tumblr to a picture file instead of a color?March 8

    I need a code that I can put into my tumblr blog HTML that will change text post backgrounds from just a color, to a picture url.

  • images taken with iphone appearing sideways when displayed in desktop browserMarch 7

    I'm building a feature in my app that makes use of input type file like this... <input type="file" onChange={this.loadFile} accept="image/*" capture="camera" /> So when this input is activated on a phone it launches the

  • jquery filer adding existing images to the list on page loadJanuary 10

    JQUERY Filler creates image boxes upon selection of each image. However i need to create those boxes from array of image names which i receive from php on page load. So user can add some more images or remove the existing ones. Here I receive the ima

  • Android app Background Image TypeDecember 7

    I used a 720p*1200p png 8 bit (142kb) image as a background of my app. But this image make slow my app. What type of image do I need to use for best smoothness?

  • Scaling and cropping an image adaptively based on the window dimensionsAugust 24

    I've tried my best (I'm new to JS) to write a script that make an image fit to its parent div with respect of the ratio and overflowing when needed. For example, if the height of the image is smaller than the window's height, I set the height equal t

  • How to load default image to picEdit Jquery crop and resize plugin

    How to load default image to picEdit Jquery crop and resize pluginFebruary 23

    I m building the following UI as follow. Then I have used this plugin to crop . resize and add image to indiviaudl box and i have succeeded. The plugin demo is here and source code here. The thing is when you click on edit icon - i want to load the d

  • Image.thumbnail - can't change size properlyFebruary 17

    I am trying to create model for news. My model contains ImageField where i wont to store thumbnail: class News(models.Model): title = models.CharField(verbose_name=u'tytuł', max_length=40) lead = models.TextField(verbose_name=u'zajawka', blank= False

  • Image not getting uploaded properly in android studioFebruary 17

    I am using this tutorial to upload an image from the gallery in my android app and display it on the android screen. However, when I click on the button 'Load Picture', the gallery opens where I am able to select the image but after selecting the ima

  • Image and "painted component" dissapears when exporting to executable JAR fileFebruary 17

    My problem is that when I run my program in Eclipse it works completely fine. Everything works as it should but when I export it as an and try to run the file it doesn't. From the beginning I imported an image this way: try { image = ImageIO.read(new

  • pointilism disperse in processingFebruary 17

    http://abstract20132014.gsapp.org/ I was hoping to find some help on how to do something like this in processing. Currently I am using help from a pointilism tutorial that creates my image in small ellipses. Any help would be greatly appreciated. ---

  • Increasing the hover area of an image for a spriteFebruary 17

    UPDATE Here is a jsFiddle with the image and hover event. I have a sprite image containing 4 "button" images each 30px x 60px - so the total image size is 60px x 120px. Each button is displayed using its proper background offset in the css as sh

  • Images load fine locally, but not on webserverFebruary 17

    been looking around here for a bit but still haven't found an answer. Have an issue with a site I'm working on. Site is entirely self contained in a folder. Trying to reference one image for a parallax section on the website. Referenced like this in

  • Multiple image previewing, uploading, and storing (filename) with JS and PHPFebruary 17

    I've come across another stack overflow question that is close to what I'm looking for. But it's missing a few components. How do you remove a previewed image, and how do you upload the file name to an sql database with php? I have a similar php uplo

  • How do I add a sizable image frame to a basic Javascript photo gallery?February 17

    I'm using a basic JavaScript photo gallery on my intranet site. Its a basic platform, so something like this works well: http://www.dynamicdrive.com/dynamicindex4/photoalbum.htm Problem is there isn't a way to control the size of the photos in the ga

  • PHP - Embed Generated Image from External File into HTML emailFebruary 17

    I have a sign-up form. When someone signs up, they immediately receive an email (in HTML format) with the following information: 1) Their sign-up information (Name, P#, Email, etc.) What I need is the following: 1) After sign-up, in the email the use

  • Why is there a white border under this image in the div?February 17

    I do not know why, but there is a white border or space under my image in my div. I am trying to make a box where an image will fit perfectly, but this white space below it is making it looking really bad. How do I disable it? HTML <div class="con

  • Pass Image ID to URL segmentFebruary 17

    I am trying to click the next button on an image to load the next image from the results fetched from the database, but load a new page so the bootstrap carousel is not working as I need it to. Let's say I have an album with 3 images. The image id's

  • Using Javascript to draw image to canvasFebruary 17

    So I am currently trying to render an image that moves up the screen using javascript and phonegap for IOS. Currently I render the image by calling the POP.Draw function and pass in the source, size, and location. This is my render function: this.ren

  • How can I insert my images in one array of size [224,224,3180]?February 17

    I have a dataset contains 106 persons each one has a 30 images of size (224 x 224) pixels. I want to put them all together in one matrix of size [224,224,3180]. I've built this code it works fine and does what I need, put the problem is when I do loa

  • c# Image throws Out of memory exceptionFebruary 17

    I have a problem. I am creating application for image viewing. I have List<string> with paths to images. When you click on the button, it just increases the index of array and change the image of PictureBox. But when you change index above 27, it th

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