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  • How to encourage users to download an app to complete strong authentication (two factor)February 5

    I'm designing a strong authentication (two factor) solution for a website. Users will be forced to use two factor (legal requirement). We have two supported methods an SMS verification code texted to your phone and a TOTP mobile app token generation

  • incentives for user testingJune 25

    I want to test a website with at least five people locally but I'm not sure how to go about how to find people willing to through with it. Do others offer an incentive to users and if so what has worked best? --------------Solutions------------- You'

  • How to get people to click on the G+1 buttonApril 20

    I would like my visitors to click on the G+1 Google plus button. What is the best way to achieve that - where should the button be located? Would adding it to the order confirmation page after a purchase be a good idea? Or should I send it with an au

  • What is the best way to demonstrate the value of registration to unlock features?April 19

    I'm not sure if I phrased that right, so perhaps my specific case will explain for me. I have buttons for "fave"-ing and marking-as-solved on puzzles in my blog. The users that know the features exist love tracking what they have or haven't solv

  • Incentives for support agent to provide feedbackFebruary 4

    I am exploring ways support agents could be encouraged to provide feedback to the system about whether a suggested solution (e.g. user has to delete cookies from browser) solved the problem or not. Adding a mechanism to submit "yes, it works/no, it d

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