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  • Export the Infopath Repeating table to ExcelMarch 13

    I am having bunch of rows in the repeating table and I am fetching this based on some dropdown box conditions.Now my client is expecting to get the repeating table data into excel sheet.Can any one help me how can I achieve this.

  • Sharepoint 2010 how to change infopath view in sharepoint for filling.January 29

    i have 2 separate department updating one sharepoint library list instead of changing the view in the infopath form it self for each department can i change it by creating a link in the sharepoint quick launch to change the view before opening the in

  • Workflow staus values - how to find the numeric value of a manually defined custom workflow status?January 14

    I have a long and complex workflow with many stages and steps written in SharePoint Designer 2013. The workflow is associated with a SharePoint library that was published from a form designed in InfoPath Designer 2013. I need the form to respond to c

  • How can I develop an InfoPath dropdown field that displays data from a separate SharePont list?January 12

    I am developing an InfoPath template from a library. I would like for it to connect to a separate list in the same site and display data based on a selection from a drop down on the form. The drop down field should contain all the unique identifiers

  • Auto generate number in InfoPath 2013January 7

    How do I change the default "Title" column in InfoPath 2013 into a column which have sequence number generate automatically? Format: PO-YY-NNNN YY: current year NNNN: integer starting with 2001 Example as below: PO-15-2001 PO-15-2002 PO-15-2003

  • Getting a unique reference number when users can only see their own items

    Getting a unique reference number when users can only see their own itemsDecember 7

    I have created a SharePoint List (on 365 Enterprise) for logging accidents and incidents in our business. The list is populated using an InfoPath form that presents the user with the relevant fields that need to be populated based on the nature of th

  • InfoPath form not passing correct CredentialsNovember 25

    We have a SP Farm 2013 with a InfoPath form published. i have it set to pull current user and pull the user the first time the form is opened. This works perfect inside my form preview however when i publish it it pulls whatever user is in running th

  • A new Connection File use in InfoPath but not when published in SharePointNovember 11

    I create a new Connection File and I proof in InfoPath and it works, but when I publish the Form with InfoPath in SharePoint, there is no data found or consumed from the information from the data Connection.

  • Cascading dropdown integer displayed on changing the option

    Cascading dropdown integer displayed on changing the optionOctober 22

    I am facing an issue with cascading drop down in Infopath form customised via sharepoint list. So, I have 2 dropdowns- Country and State. As per the cascading functionality, when England is selected its corresponding states are displayed. This is wor

  • "Invalid Form Template" Error - InfoPath 2013October 20

    I've configured Infopath Forms Services in SharePoint Central Administration but cannot get it to talk to SharePoint. I get the Invalid Form Template error every time I run the Design checker. Even when simply loading a default Custom List form from

  • Update InfoPath form field value in SharePoint Online document library?October 19

    I have saved InfoPath Form in a Form Library & also saved field values in separate columns, now I have retrieved one record in InfoPath Form 2013. I'm trying to update "Status" columns value from "New" to "old" but unable

  • "An error occurred querying a data source", form designed using InfoPath DesignerOctober 12

    I am getting the below error if I try to open an InfoPath form designed using InfoPath designer Warning An error occurred querying a data source. Click OK to resume filling out the form. You may want to check your form data for errors. HIDE ERROR DET

  • Filtering InfoPath data connection

    Filtering InfoPath data connectionSeptember 27

    I have some queries on the InfoPath secondary data connections and I'm hoping that I do get some answers I have an InfoPath form into which I'm getting some information from another list. As it's not design friendly to pull all the information when t

  • Need infopath to view "owner" when "folder" is selectedAugust 27

    I have a SharePoint team site list with two main columns, FOLDER and OWNER. Now I have created a form in InfoPath and people can select a FOLDER (drop down menu). Now I need the OWNER to be filled into the InfoPath form when the FOLDER item is select

  • How to modify InfoPath REST url without knowing the actual urlAugust 26

    I am using REST data sources with my InfoPath 2013 form and it works well. My datasources are on an external server so I saved my data sources as data connection files which makes it easy to add those data connections to other forms. However, in all

  • How to use cross-domain in Sharepoint Online in O365 - No FarmAugust 3

    I've recently migrated from Sharepoint 2013 to Sharepoint Online in O365. I used to upload my Infopath forms at the Farm at Manage Form Templates. Since I don't have Farm anymore how can I upload a InfoPath form wich require a admin approval due the

  • Infopath form customization IssueJuly 30

    I customized a sharepoint 2013 list in infopath 2013 and published it in sharepoint site.But after publishing the form I can't able to see those fields in that list.Please help me with this

  • submit data from infopath form to calling workflowJuly 27

    I have a workflow with a custom task. This custom task opens an infopath form and retrieves correctly data from an entry in a sharepoint list. To achieve this I created a receive data connection in infopath and setup the correct rules. Now, I'd like

  • Browser Infopath Form Doesn't Submit Data to SharePoint Library (but Saving the Form Does)July 9

    So I followed a CBT Nugget instruction on setting up an InfoPath 2013 Form and getting it all connected to SharePoint 2013 so that it could be filled out by users via the browser and then set up an approval workflow behind it to start whenever a form

  • Refreshing Infopath Filtered Lists Webpart After Adding Data(SP2010)July 8

    I have a two connected of two connected lists webparts with the first list filtered by two chained and connected infopath form webparts. The system works like this: I select an event from a infopath form with a drop down, this then populates a second

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