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  • Convert dashed stroke to a regular path using Inkscape

    Convert dashed stroke to a regular path using InkscapeMay 6

    For example i want to convert the following shape : to a group of path so i get path points in all edges. --------------Solutions------------- Extensions → modify path → convert to dashes does exactly what you want.

  • Inkscape Transformation Matrices

    Inkscape Transformation MatricesApril 4

    I am trying to transform a rectangular shape to a trapezium as shown in the image below. In the Inkscape transform menu, there is an option to use a 2x3 matrix. However, that does not allow "3d" transformations. I think I read somewhere that the

  • Rescan font list InkscapeJanuary 11

    There is a function in Inkscape that refresh font list? Anytime I install a new font I have to restart Inkscape to use it. Something like "Rescan font list" in GIMP.

  • garbled text in image upon enlarging it

    garbled text in image upon enlarging itDecember 7

    See image on Wikimedia Commons. If you view the image on a higher resolution (2000px), the text becomes a mess. What can be done about it? (Note that some of the text is grouped in root. Ungrouping the text doesn't have any effect.) map of Estonia

  • Is it worth learning the SVG path attribute, or should I use a tool for drawing?February 29

    Is there an advantage of manually creating the graphic with the path element and d attribute (I guess with the help of math?), over using a tool like Inkscape to draw the graphic? Does Inkscape generate more inefficient SVG code? --------------Soluti

  • Scale svg according to font sizeFebruary 17

    Assume this example document: \documentclass[12pt,leqno,a4paper]{article} \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{svg} \begin{document} \begin{figure}[htbp] \centering \resizebox{0.75\textwidth}{!}{\includesvg{mysvg}} \caption{mycaption} \label{mylabel} \e

  • How to load recently installed fonts without having to restart inkscape ?February 17

    Is it possible to reload the list of fonts used by inkscape automatically once new font is added to the fonts directory, for example under ubuntu it is found at /home/[username]/.fonts directory. Thank you in advance.

  • Error while importing .svg fileFebruary 16

    I want to include a .svg file into my document. I have a .svg file with the name test.svg This is the document: \documentclass[12pt,leqno,a4paper]{article} \usepackage{graphicx} \usepackage{svg} \begin{document} \begin{figure}[htbp] \centering \inclu

  • How to underline text in Inkscape

    How to underline text in InkscapeFebruary 15

    Using Inkscape's latest official release, I created a text element, and would like to underline its text (or part of it). How to do that? I don't see any option to underline. --------------Solutions------------- The support for the text in Inkscape i

  • How to make outset/inset stroke in inkscape?

    How to make outset/inset stroke in inkscape?February 12

    I am trying to create SVG GUI item. Something like this: It has two inset borders. I don't even know how to force rectangle to have an inset border. How do I do that? --------------Solutions------------- The solution is to use gradients. By placing t

  • Separating downloaded vector images using Inkscape [on hold]February 10

    I am completely a novice at this but I would like to use a vector image I have downloaded using Inkscape OR Gimp. The download came with multiple images and I would like to be able to separate them and use them indivdually in another program. I keep

  • Converting a set of SVG files into PDF [on hold]February 10

    I have a set of stacked SVG files myFile01.svg myFile02.svg ... myFile10.svg (created with InkScape). I want to do the following automatically as the number of files grew large: a) transform them into pdf (full page) and then b) combine them into a s

  • It is possible to convert a regular shape to a hand-written shape using illustrator?

    It is possible to convert a regular shape to a hand-written shape using illustrator?February 9

    I want to convert regular forms let's say for example a rectangle and circle to a hand-written looking forms using Illustrator or Inkscape(best scenario). I don't want to use the pencil to draw the shape using the mouse. Here is a an image that illus

  • When Inkscape opens file, objects are jumped over the page

    When Inkscape opens file, objects are jumped over the pageFebruary 9

    When I save and then open a file with Inkscape, it loads with object dislocated. I can then fix the object's location (it jumps near correct location after even slight move), save, but after opening again the situation repeats. The original file is h

  • Gimp: making edges less smooth [on hold]

    Gimp: making edges less smooth [on hold]February 9

    Most questions are about smoothing edges. I would like the opposite. I have this map: I would like a plugin/filter to make edges more rough. Something along this: --------------Solutions------------- Basing on your example, this seems more a vector t

  • Did anyone manage to import an Inkscape saved SVG into Gliffy?February 8

    Drag and drop does not work for me. The image is just a black box then. Tried with Internet Explorer and Firefox.

  • Is it possible to connect paths to objects in Inkscape for a network diagram?February 8

    I want to be able to move the objects (boxes) around and have the paths stay connected. For a network diagram. Is that possible? I know other tools for this task exist, e.g. Gliffy but that does not support exact dimensions.

  • Inkscape python-lxml errorFebruary 7

    I'm using Inkscape 0.91 (r13725) and I always receive this error message when I try to use Perspective add-on or when I try to save the sketch in any format: The fantastic lxml wrapper for libxml2 is required by inkex.py and therefore this extension.

  • Inkscape unable to render latex textFebruary 6

    I didn't really know if this was a question for the latex or graphic board, then sorry if I am in the wrong place. I am trying to render some Latex text in Inkscape (on Windows) but I keep getting the error "Problem during opening C:\Program Files\ps

  • Modify Path of SVG [on hold]February 6

    I have some SVG files that have 0,0 as the top left corner of the image. I want to change the path so 0,0 is the center of the image. I also need to scale the image. I'd like reposition and scale the image by changing the path rather than applying tr

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