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  • Inno Setup: Disable already installed components on upgradeFebruary 17

    We have actually a setup who has many components choice during install and we want to disable component already installed (or make it grey / fixed) when customer reinstall our software. For example during first install we have 3 component like this:

  • Create a installer with inno setup and postgreSQL in Windows X64February 16

    I've created an installer to my application that also installs postgreSQL. The first question: What is the best way to configure my database, I mean, is it better to use the postgres default user account? Or should I create a new user. Also is it bet

  • Compile Inno Setup script (.iss files) with Maven?February 15

    I have a build workflow in which I transform a .jar to an executable binary (.exe) with the help of the launch4j maven plugin. I would like to create a .msi installer for this .exe, and I've used Inno Setup 5 to create a script to do this which works

  • Inno Setup - Remove path from PATH environment variable while uninstalling a programFebruary 15

    I wrote an Inno Setup script which install a program and update the PATH environment variable with the directory in which the program in installed. I want to update the PATH environment variable, to restore its previous installation status. The insta

  • Merging event function (InitializeWizard) implementations from different sourcesFebruary 15

    I have a InitializeWizard event function generated by Graphical Installer for Inno Setup as: procedure InitializeWizard; var ErrorCode: HRESULT; ErrorText: WideString; begin ExtractTemporaryFile('music.mp3'); if DSInitializeAudioFile(ExpandConstant('

  • Inno Setup Pre- / Post- compile action

    Inno Setup Pre- / Post- compile actionFebruary 14

    Is it possible to define pre-/post-compile actions in *.iss script? In short I need to run *.bat script before compilation and after. --------------Solutions------------- One way is to revert your logic and run command-line compiler from the batch fi

  • How to remove uninstalled app from All apps list in Windows 10February 13

    I uninstalled a program from my Windows 10 but the program folder still appears in my "All apps" list from the Start menu. Before going any further, however, I should mention that the installation and uninstall were performed by Inno Setup Studi

  • Check if drive is connected in Inno SetupFebruary 11

    I need to know if a specific drive exists. My application will install in two different drives, for example: drive F and G [Setup] DefaultDirName=F:\Test\ [Dirs] Name: G:\Test\storage; If drive F does not exists Inno Setup show a message about it. Bu

  • Circular progress bar in Inno Setup

    Circular progress bar in Inno SetupFebruary 11

    I'm searching for an circular progress indication for Inno Setup, like this one on jQuery: http://anthonyterrien.com/knob/ Is there something similar or is it possible to do this in Inno Setup? I want to set the percentage manually, it shouldn't be a

  • Skinned innosetup showing text instead of scrollbar

    Skinned innosetup showing text instead of scrollbarFebruary 10

    I am trying to create a new installer using InnoSetup 5.5.8 (u) and skinned using CodeJock's ISSkin v3.0.0. I am using one of the provided example skins (Office 2007 Black) applied by copying the code example from their website (http://isskin.codejoc

  • Programmatically set Inno Setup Uninstall window captionFebruary 9

    How to change the title of the window at the uninstall? We need to do this using code, similarly to this code for install window caption: procedure InitializeWizard(); begin WizardForm.Caption := 'Setup Application'; end; --------------Solutions-----

  • Why does Inno Setup ignore DefaultDirNameFebruary 9

    Running Inno Setup 5.5.6. I corrected an error in my DefaultDirName value, but no matter what I do, the program continues to try to install in the old, erroneous location. Even when I set it to a value matching one of the examples: DefaultDirName={pf

  • Updating Inno Setup progress bar from Dephi DLLFebruary 8

    I need your help, please. I'm trying to call function from DLL written in Delphi 10 Seattle from Inno Setup (ANSI). But I do not understand what is the problem. If I make application in Delphi and call this function from DLL, it works perfectly! See

  • Inno Setup: Execute a Pascal function in [Run] sectionFebruary 7

    At the end of an installation I need to run a Pascal function that updates a flight simulator .cfg file (called .ini file in Inno Setup). The Pascal function exists in its [Code] section and runs correctly. I would like to run this Pascal function in

  • Inno Setup: Using Check function to copy different files to a single destination fileFebruary 5

    I am using Inno Setup to deploy a number of report template files. There is a set of "standard" templates, and for some customers, there are some customised report templates. As part of the installation, I know the customer I am dealing with, an

  • Can I select an #include path using a script and command line args in an Inno Setup installer?February 2

    So the problem arises where I have a number of installations where most everything is the same except of course the files in the install. I have a suite of include files that are different. So I thought, "Hey, lets simply add a command line argument

  • Remove "_is1" suffix from Inno Setup AppIdFebruary 2

    When specifying the AppId parameter to an Inno Setup script, a _is1 suffix is automatically added. I realized that looking at the following key: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall Is it possible to disa

  • Inno Script Compile the code but does not workFebruary 1

    Compile the code but does not work! How to fix ? Help please fix it! Uninstall when running inno setup with application already installed

  • ShellExecuteEx error 299 when launching installer created with inno setupFebruary 1

    I use Inno setup to create my first installer. But when the installer is launched, before having the windows screen asking the permission to execute this file, I have a windows with this error : ShellExecuteEx a échoué : code 299 Seule une partie d'u

  • How to create an image button in Inno Setup?February 1

    Is it possible to have an image button in Inno Wizard page instead of a plain Caption Text? What I would like to accomplish is to create an Off/On image button to mute/play a music while Inno setup is running. Thanks! --------------Solutions---------

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