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  • Writing a tool with ValgrindFebruary 17

    I'm trying to write a new tool on valgrind that tracks: Locks/unlocks of mutexes Reads/writes to local and global variables I've been struggling with this for a long time now, and I am unable to understand how the core functions are written and how t

  • Android Instrumentation Test CaseFebruary 10

    I would like to test an activity from an other apk, and this test extends ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2 (http://developer.android.com/reference/android/test/ActivityInstrumentationTestCase2.html) because I will need to get the Activity and Instrum

  • Using Caliper 0.5 with instrumented code/JREFebruary 9

    Disclosure: I'm not super familiar with Java, so if anything rings untrue below, please point out I'm trying to run some microbenchmarks with Caliper for instrumented code, with an instrumented JRE. I set my JAVA_HOME to point to the instrumented JRE

  • Looking for a lightweight solution to systematically instrument the if-conditions of C functions February 8

    I need to use lightweight instrumentation tools (say, using some existing Python or maybe C pre-processor framework) to systematically insert statements in if-conditions of C functions: For example, let foo be the C function: int foo(int x){ if (x>3)

  • Android Studio: Cannot write to Shared Preferences in instrumented testFebruary 3

    I'm trying to write a test case to verify a class that writes to Shared Preferences. I'm using Android Studio v1.5. In the good old eclipse, when using AndroidTestCase, a second apk file was deployed to the device, and tests could be run using the in

  • Getting the variable name of an Object in a running Java processFebruary 1

    I am trying to troubleshoot a memory leak with a fellow developer across Geography. The Java process used to run OOM when the Xmx was 768M. I know it is pretty less but that is what we want to run for this job. On taking a heap dump we find that ther

  • How do you measure nano volt order signals?January 29

    If you have a blackbox that gives you nanovolt signal in the output, how would you collect and process it? Signal to noise ratio is very low. How do you filter the noise? Let's say the frequency range is 0-80Hz in that application. What amplifier wou

  • Giving SU Permissions to Android App via ADBJanuary 22

    I'm currently writing scripts for android that can grant SU permissions to certain test apps. I was wondering if anyone knows how to grant SU permissions to an app via the ADB command line? Thanks! EDIT: I see that this question is getting a lot of d

  • Running into issues migrating from Byte Buddy 0.7.7 to 1.0.2January 21

    I'm running into some issues in my test suite, migrating from Byte Buddy 0.7.7 to 1.0.2 Here is a simplified example: public class ReproBug { @Test public void test() { ByteBuddyAgent.install(); new AgentBuilder.Default().type(nameStartsWith("test&qu

  • Android Instrumented Tests coverage exclude fliesJanuary 19

    I run my tests with "gradlew createDebugCoverageReport". My problem is that the coverage report includes every single source file I have. I want to exclude some files. I added this to my build.gradle but it did not work: sourceSets { androidTest

  • Solve java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError exception when using javaagent commandJanuary 17

    I want to calculate the memory usage of an object (Treap in a package with name TreapDS)that I created. I found that I need to follow of these steps based on this page. I always use Eclipse so I am not familiar with running Java code with commands. I

  • 4.75 digit count meters explainedDecember 19

    What does it mean for a digital instrument when its readout is 4.75 digits "long'. And what is it like in comparison to, say a 4.5 digit meter? --------------Solutions------------- Background Digits is an old way of describing the resolution of a dig

  • Photomultiplier tubes for flame detectionDecember 7

    I was wondering as to what the capture area of light for a PMT is. I am looking at development of flames in the longitudinal direction but I need to place my PMT in the transverse direction. Is there a way to determine the pitch/ how many PMTs I migh

  • Which instrument for arbitrary signal commutation (matrix)

    Which instrument for arbitrary signal commutation (matrix)November 30

    I would like to test a bunch of sensors. Each sensor has a DB15 connector with mixed digital and analog signals (bw ~5MHz, Z ~120R). I am looking for an instrument where I can control which couple of sensors I would like to interconnect to the measur

  • ECG cardiac monitoring November 20

    How is the signal observed from electrode and electrode impedance is affected if we clean one of the pair of Ag/AgCl cardiac electrode by scraping it with steel wool until it was shiny and bright --------------Solutions------------- An Ag/AgCl electr

  • Sensor output intentionally coupled to its power supply net

    Sensor output intentionally coupled to its power supply netNovember 9

    Fellow EE's, I've seen a couple of sensors using a coaxial cable connection where one terminal is both power supply to the sensor AND the sensor output itself(AC signal). The manufacturer datasheet shows the following circuit as an example: – Schemat

  • Low on state voltage clamp

    Low on state voltage clampOctober 30

    I have an +- 10V/1A sawtooth signal that needs to be clamped to gnd when a trigger pulse is received. The signal is supposed to stay clamped until the next zero crossing, upon which the circuit is supposed to reset. I thyristor would be ideal, if it

  • What type of power supply to use for a 4-20 mA loop? SMPS or Regulated?October 29

    I am planning to use an instrument that gives a 4-20 mA analog output. I am not sure whether to use a SMPS based power source (which is cheaper) or a regulated power source for the DC power supply? Any ideas? Regards, Abhishek --------------Solutions

  • How to measure relative light intensity (and ideally duration) of a xenon flashes, cheaplyOctober 19

    I want to compare the light intensity (and maybe also duration) of multiple xenon flash designs. It does not have to give me the readings in any real unit, as long as it is linear (or mathematicaly predictable), so I can calibrate it with a "standard

  • DMM Hack to Log Amps: October 14

    I have a spare DMM (Digital MultiMeter) that I would like to use to log the displayed data at 1 sample/sec. What would be the least expensive way to mod the DMM to log the data that appears on the display? I know that the meter data goes though an AC

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