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  • How can I connect integrated webcam with virtualboxJune 9

    I am trying to use a Windows XP VM for VirtualBox on my Windows 8.1 laptop. I have tried the usual attaching USB device but I get an error saying "USB device is busy with previous request". My webcam is not active in any applications and this ha

  • Can't find my integrated camera anymore May 20

    I formatted my Lenovo Ideapad S10e and installed Windows XP and all the drivers that I need, but I can't find the integrated camera. I used to be able to find it in My Computer. In the beginning, I thought that it was just a mistake or something so I

  • how to close applications using webcam dell integrated webcam?

    how to close applications using webcam dell integrated webcam?November 24

    I am using Dell Latitude. I don't know from when the issue started. I am not able to use my integrated webcam. it is telling "Close any other video streaming application to start video.". I confirmed this is not a hardware issue by using the web

  • T420 Camera Crashes when moving displayJanuary 27

    I have a Lenovo T420 and have some funky issue with my Integrated Camera. The camera seems to crash whenever I pull the display closer towards the keyboard. And if the display makes a 90 degree angle or less with the keyboard it never works. Can anyb

  • How to enable windows 8 installed in VM Virtual box to use the laptop's build-in web cameraOctober 26

    How to enable the laptop's build-in web camera, to be available on windows 8 installed in VM Virtual box. My web cam is working fine in windows 7(host). For my linux VM box it works fine as well. Any suggestion? --------------Solutions------------- I

  • Laptop lenovo doesn't find webcameraJuly 30

    I have this Lenovo The problem is that I can't use built-in camera. It is just like there is no camera. Driver is installed and when I switch on laptop on, the camera LED blink once. When I go on Skype for example I don't have camera. On other hand t

  • Built-in camera and mic don't work after upgrading to Windows 7October 24

    I upgraded the OS on my Sony VAIO laptop from Windows Vista to Windows 7 but now my built-in camera and microphone no longer work. I've checked Device Manager but it seems they are not there, nor can I see anything in the BIOS. Any ideas how to fix t

  • What's wrong with my integrated camera?September 1

    I have a T500 Lenovo Thinkpad, Windows 7 Enterprise, 32bit, Service Pack 1. When I hit Fn F6, it says "The camera is being used by another application". It stopped working when the mother board was replaced ~4 weeks ago. The camera does work whe

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