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  • How to deal audio format changes in a virtual audio driver on MACFebruary 17

    I have developed a virtual audio driver on MAC which gets samples from the kernel and sends those samples over the network. It works but I am facing an issue with audio format changes. While playing sounds from an application, I use Audio MIDI Setup

  • Change vm page protection attributes from XNU kernel driverFebruary 7

    As a part of an experiment i need to make a read-only page writable in kernel address space from a non-IOKit kext. In user mode i can do vm_protect, but there is surprisingly little info on how this can be done in kernel mode (or i am completely blin

  • Access to temps and fan data from within sandbox on OSX?January 31

    How can I access SMC information - such as CPU temps and fan speeds, from within an app sandbox (to be app store compliant). I can't see an available API, and yet there are apps on the app store that accomplish this functionality - for instance: http

  • Virtual serial ports in ORSSerialPortJanuary 28

    I am rewriting an OSX control application using ORSSerialPort. In some occasions, I would like to control a serial device that is not directly connected to my machine, or mock the communication of such device locally for testing. Using socat one can

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