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  • Can't login to Gmail via Mail on iOSFebruary 3

    I am having trouble accessing my Gmail account via Mail on my iPad. It keeps saying my username or password is incorrect when it's not. I have that rotten two-step authentication turned off and this is still happening. How do I fix this?

  • Why can't apple simply add the backdoor now and then remove it after the FBI is done?January 24

    Summary of the current situation by @TTT Apple released an open letter to the public outlining their reasons for not complying with the FBI's demands to modify the iPhone's security mechanism. Here's a summary: The FBI has an iPhone in their possessi

  • Is it possible to intercept ssl with burp on iOS 8.3January 24

    I have tried to intercept SSL connection on iOS 8.3 using BURP Proxy. I receive the error "There was a problem communicating with the secure web proxy server (HTTPS)." Is it because of some security patch in iOS 8.3?

  • Submitting a Google Review via google sign in api for iosJanuary 10

    I am using the https://developers.google.com/identity/sign-in/ios/ to allow a user to sign into their google account into my application. I would like to then allow that user to write & submit a review for my business. Is there an api or guide that s

  • How to bring a CGRect to front with Swift?January 9

    I'm using the iOS MaterialKit to create a button on my view. The sample code they give is: let button = MKButton(frame: CGRect(x: 10, y: 10, width: 100, height: 35)) button.maskEnabled = true button.rippleLocation = .TapLocation button.rippleLayerCol

  • iOS - UINavigationController is reloaded after dismissing viewJanuary 8

    I have a UINavigationController. In my app, I navigate (push) through 3 view controllers. At this point I want to temporarily present a view controller, instead of pushing it. self.presentViewController(imagePicker, animated: true, completion: nil) O

  • iOS simulator always saves images on desktopDecember 19

    When pressed Command-S, the iOS simulator always saves screenshots on Desktop. How can I tell it to save it somewhere else?

  • Alternate to iPhone Configuration Utility for installing Certificates?December 19

    I need to install .cer certificate on iPhone to enable certain SSL connections to websites. I have searched and found that this was possible using iPhone Configuration Utility, but that has been discontinued now. Also tried using Apple Configurator 2

  • New to mobile application development ! What languages to study?November 10

    I am a graphic designer, but inspired by programming and coding . I got ideas of mobile app i want to create like instagram. I want to know what Languages to learn for that : what i have known till now is : 1- Learning java and java android to develo

  • Delete tableview cell crash swiftNovember 10

    Hello i wanna delete tableview cell following error occur Terminating app due to uncaught exception 'NSInternalInconsistencyException', reason: 'Invalid update: invalid number of sections. The number of sections contained in the table view after the

  • I am new to appium for iOS, could anyone please let me know what are the minimum desired capabilities required for iOS device for Mobile WebNovember 9

    I am running appium on MAC machine, working on both android and iOS as well. I defined the desired capabilities for android are working fine and able to launch website. But when i tried with the same desired capabilities for iPhone, it shows me -"[PO

  • dynamic cells in UICollectionView keep rearrangingNovember 8

    I am using CHTCollectionviewFlowOut. Everything I code is fine but while scrolling collection view, changes cell size and content sometimes. I am using custom collection cell class to display labels and images. Cell size depends on size of image whic

  • Convert Unix (Epoch) time to local timeNovember 7

    The API I'm using returns time as Unix time (1424952512) So far I can convert the unix time to NSDate using func timeStamp(unixTime: Double)-> NSDate { let interval:NSTimeInterval = unixTime let date:NSDate = NSDate(timeIntervalSince1970: interval) p

  • Privacy Issues. Are they able to recover my deleted files?September 21

    I bring my iPhone to the apple store and they noticed that there's a hardware problem. After 3 days I receive an update from Apple Store and they said that it is already for replacement. I deleted my private files before I give to them. I just want t

  • How to to create app for someone else [on hold]September 20

    I haven't found any quite or site where is information how I can make app for someone else, I just make it, they publish. What information I must take care so our team is just developer ?

  • xcode ui test: staticTexts start withAugust 10

    i want to check if an element on my ui which start with a prefix is present. How is it possible to implement it in Xcode7 UI Tests? app.tables["AAA"].staticTexts["Fax: 0049XXXXXXXX"].exists I have three element into a tableview cell an

  • A Japanese language app for iOS with this particular quality(please read the description)?August 4

    You see, it MUST have this particular quality: sometimes I see a kanji that I don't know the meaning of,unfortunately there isn't any kana/furigana therefore I don't know how to spell it and since I don't know the spelling I can't/don't know how to t

  • iOS+Android SDK for custom keyboard dictionaries and prediction and autocorrect logicAugust 4

    I'm developing a custom keyboard for iOS and Android and I'm looking to source the dictionaries ( English, French, Portuguese, and Turkish) and the prediction and autocorrect logic. Thanks for any suggestions.

  • custom delegate getting nil in swift , not getting call back [on hold]August 2

    I am trying to create a custom delegate using TLPhotoControllerDelegate in swift. However the doSomething method is not being called through callback. It seems that delegate?. TLPhotoControllerDelegate() does not fire to the class B TLPhotoController

  • Difference between iOS developer and iPhone developerMay 27

    I am going to be an internship in iOS. I have questions. Is there any difference between iOS developer and iPhone developer? If yes then ..What's? And what to be choice for my better career. (in iOS/iPhone or any related to iOS)

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