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  • Filtering even ip address from a routerJanuary 1

    Is there a way to filter out even(or odd) numbered IP address from passing through a router (I am working with the cisco packet tracer) using access lists or any other methods? Thank You --------------Solutions------------- Yes, this is possible sinc

  • How to verify the syntax of a new ipf.conf file?October 15

    From what I have read it might be ipf -n -f newipf.conf. But will it catch all errors? Or are there errors possible in the configuration file, which will occur only, when the ioctls are actually performed?

  • hpux: ipmon on syslog.logMay 6

    I have configured firewall for log,i want to write in a separate file log for ipmon. Reading on net they suggest to use local0.* or local0.debug on /etc/syslog.conf file. I make this local0.notice /var/adm/syslog/ipmon.log local0.info /var/adm/syslog

  • Refresh ipfilter configuration while keeping stateOctober 22

    I have ipfilter running on a Solaris 11.2 server with rules similar to: pass in log first quick proto tcp from any to any port = 22 flags S keep state I would like to be able to edit and reload the ipfilter configuration from /etc/ipf/ipf.conf. Howev

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