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  • Add class when scroll a certain amountMay 22

    I was wondering how to add a class to an element when the user scrolls to a certain point. On the current project I need to have a smaller header drop into view when the larger one scrolls out of sight. Even if there may be a more specified way of do

  • JavaScript is not working in Drupal 8

    JavaScript is not working in Drupal 8May 14

    My blocks with slideshow aren't working since interface translation runned up (probably, I'm not sure what happend, I'm just seeing translated menu). Now I'm getting this kind of errors in Drupal administration: Warning: file_get_contents(libraries/j

  • Google Console error: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FAILED [on hold]

    Google Console error: Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FAILED [on hold]May 12

    What could be the problem if I encounter the error in Google console (inspect element)? Failed to load resource: net::ERR_FAILED

  • Locate enteries to the nearest date selectedMay 9

    This code loops through a given range of dates and for every 5 minute iteration pulls up the last known records of the users in the database relative to that timestamp. I'm trying to find a way to optimize this query. Right now it seems to be slow, p

  • How to insert Javascript into Magento?

    How to insert Javascript into Magento?May 6

    as you can see from the attachment aall.html, if I run from this file local, the output would be as attachment 334.png(the galaxy picture) So my question is how can I Insert this "galaxy picture" and functions into my Porto theme (for example: 4

  • Can't get relative URL's working in OpenLayers3May 5

    After three days of vainly looking everywhere (learning books OpenLayers3, Javascript and Internet) for a solution I put my question here. The problem is that I can't get relative url's working in OpenLayers3. Here I give an example: I have a OpenLay

  • WP Media Uploader modal conflicts with Bootstrap modalApril 16

    I was creating a form in a Bootstrap Modal to allow users to create new posts from the frontend. Everything seemed alright until I wanted to upload a file to the media library or choose one already uploaded: This opens another modal using JS from the

  • Viewing data on Edit popupApril 8

    I have created a dynamically generated grid of records using HTML and Java on the VF page. Now I need to allow editing of the record. For the edit functionality, I have created a javascript function that is being called by setting the onclick attribu

  • making dynamic tables with JSON - angular2April 6

    Okay, so simple enough task - I'm using Ionic/Angular2 to develop an auditing app. Using angular I can map Objects into the DOM rather easily, so what I need to do is create an object - but I would like some suggestions or advice on how I can do this

  • how do i attach array value to current positionApril 3

    <img src="img.jpg" id="try" width="200px" height="100px" alt="Loading"> <input type="radio" name="round" value=0 > <input type="radio" name="round" va

  • Firebase Import Array Issue

    Firebase Import Array IssueApril 3

    Hey guys I just have a question about why my script might be formatting into Firebase the way that it is. First of all I have this code: <script> /* Declaring my Firebase */ var rootRef = new Firebase('https://vivid-torch-0000.firebaseio.com/'); /*

  • how to move selected item in a list using up and down arrow keys in javascript?April 2

    I am trying to implement make up and down arrow buttons work for a list in HTML. the up arrow moves the selected list element of list upwards and the down arrow moves the selected list element downwards. I tried this code, but not working :: function

  • Custom noUiSlider Fixed stepsApril 1

    I m trying to create custom slider with fixed steps. I want to define steps like following. range: {20, 50, 100, 200, 250, 450, 800, 1000} Here is the demo url jsFiddle

  • Do I need to escape dash character in regex?March 31

    I'm trying to understand dash character - needs to escape using backslash in regex? Consider this: var url = '/user/1234-username'; var pattern = /\/(\d+)\-/; var match = pattern.exec(url); var id = match[1]; // 1234 As you see in the above regex, I'

  • Trying to make different hover animations for multiple images in cssMarch 30

    So i have a few images in HTML like this <div class="thumb"> <a href="website1"><img src="image1.jpg" alt="name1"></a> <a href="website2"><img src="image2.jpg" al

  • PHP refreshing using jQuery doesn't work in IEMarch 29

    I wanted to create a function in javascript/jQuery, that uses php script to refresh some data on my website. I'm using it like this: function aval() { ... $("#dost").load("readadmin.php?date="+dzien+"&diff="+diff+"&a

  • Confused about how to 'design' my (leaflet.js) map application; OOPMarch 21

    I asked another question recently regarding constructors calling constructors in order to organise my code properly but the answers really ended up giving me more questions than answers (which is good in principle) but it left me more confused than e

  • Knowing if map has specific custom control in OpenLayers 3?March 16

    I created my own custom control for openlayers 3 as follows: window.app = window.app || {}; var app = window.app; /** * Control Creado para moverse por el mapa (quitar controles de dibujar...) */ app.Move = function(opt_options) { var options = opt_o

  • How to use react router (createBrowserHisroty) on Microsoft IIS to make routing working?March 7

    I am using react-router (createBrowserHistory) for my react app. Below is my code of var ReactDOM = require('react-dom') ; var ReactRouter = require('react-router'); var Router = ReactRouter.Router; var Route = ReactRouter.Route; var Link = ReactRout

  • ionic2 + Angular2 selection of listMarch 6

    http://ionicframework.com/docs/v2/components/#select I'm trying to show select option and capture the selection. I have tried from method, onChanges and even on putting inline on click, but nothing works. <ion-list> <ion-item> <ion-label>

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