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  • Pulling radio button values with Javascript February 22

    I have a form on my webpage that looks like this: <form id="numberForm"> <input type="radio" name="number" value="singular"> singular <br> <input type="radio" name="number" v

  • Problem with AngularJS and jQuery libraries in Ubuntu SDK - HTML 5 AppFebruary 18

    I'm trying to explore the "Ubuntu SDK" and just to test I made a "HTML 5 App". The app need to use angular library (such as: angular.min.js), jQuery library, and angular module for routing (angular-route.min.js), with this module I can

  • What does import Module from 'module' import when no default export is defined and why is it different from import * as Module?February 9

    I am pretty new to JavaScript and have been struggling with imports recently. There has been one thing I cannot wrap my head around. In older node modules (mostly those which came to see the light prior to ES6), which may be installed using the npm,

  • Is there a reason for not using JavaScript for direct database connections on a web site? February 8

    This question already has an answer here: Is there any reason not to go directly from client-side Javascript to a database? [duplicate] 11 answers I am thinking about using JavaScript for direct connection to our database server. I think I have solut

  • Extending TinyMCE to Work with Medium EditorFebruary 1

    I'm trying to extend tinyMCE. What i'm trying to achieve is to use this Medium Editor extend tinyMCE functionality as buttons within the backend Page / Post / Custom Post Type. This is similar to what i am trying todo but i just want it in the backen

  • OpenLayers 3 - How to know if a map has specific custom control?January 29

    I created my own custom control for openlayers 3 as follows: window.app = window.app || {}; var app = window.app; /** * Control Creado para moverse por el mapa (quitar controles de dibujar...) */ app.Move = function(opt_options) { var options = opt_o

  • show Doc icon of SharePoint document library using jquery in jqgrid

    show Doc icon of SharePoint document library using jquery in jqgridJanuary 20

    My scenario is to show doc icon in Jquery Grid for sharepoint document library. My Data is in JSON. here is how i am fetching the data and building the array object and Pass it to JSON.Now in my Jqgrid i want to display Doc icon based up on the type.

  • Getting all divisors from an integerJanuary 16

    I am using mod and my code works. I am wondering if there is a more efficient way to write a method that returns the total number of divisors for an integer. function getDivisorsCnt(n){ var divisors = 0; mod = n; while (mod > 0){ if(n % mod === 0){ d

  • Positioning transformed divs (grid system)January 10

    I am trying to position some diamond divs using some trigonometry in javascript but it seems my logic fails somewhere. You can see that I tried this formula: pos + trig * dimension. I hoped it would give me the right coordinates so that I can constru

  • How to get link from onclick event using Scrapy?January 9

    I've been using Scrapy for getting content but I am having some trouble getting links from this particular site:Taleo Site Clicking the title takes you to the job description. But the href is set to '#'. And the onclick event is: onclick="javascript:

  • How to combine 4 bytes into float value in JavascriptsJanuary 9

    I can send 4 bytes data to my javascript, var data = new Uint8Array(data); console.log('Data received: [' + d2h(data[0]) +', ' + d2h(data[1]) +', ' + d2h(data[2]) + ', ' + d2h(data[3]) + ']'); var hexvalue = ((d2h(data[4]) << 24) | (d2h(data[3]) <

  • Three.js: jsonLoader will not load textures no matter whatJanuary 6

    Help, I'm getting multiple brain spasms trying to figure this out. I'm using r74 the most recent version threejs and I've created a model in blender and exported it using the most recent plugin. When I run my program, it loads the 3d file just fine,

  • Connect to an Access database on a network share with javascript [on hold]December 30

    I need to create a database with about 65000 products and their specifications. All I have to work with is a network drive, access 2007 and a browser (IE11). So far, I have successfully connected to the database with html/javascript on a local drive,

  • How to fill up in tags?December 18

    i have some problem to fill up the data Here is my code $.getJSON( url + input + "/keywords?" + apikey, function(tmdbdata) { $.each(tmdbdata, function(key, val) { if(key == "keywords"){ var valKywd = ""; $.each( tmdbdata.keyw

  • Rewrite a javascript function in a better wayDecember 9

    From the below array $data, I place price for each month for one category in first array. If no data is found for the particular category for a month, inset 0, another category in second array and finally place the arrays in a single array. The below

  • Express status 404 with react-routerDecember 6

    I have an express server that handles: 1 API route and rendering my initial index.html to include bundle.js holding my React/React-Router/Redux application. As it stands, it is impossible to 404 on my web page as I have a catch all: app.use(function

  • Returning value after async functionDecember 6

    I can't get my head around how to return the value from uniqueCheck() to isValid. I've added in a setTimeout to simulate the async operation. function isValid(data) { uniqueCheck(data, function(val) { return val; //true }); // need the value here } f

  • How to save a static variable with Javascript even when refreshing pageDecember 5

    In the following code, I would like to save chrono time even when i reload the page. The variable to save as static is "diff". Because i need my chrono to return me the las time saved when i redirect to the same page. this code is declared in th

  • Javascript ajax calls don't work inside of dynamically loaded HTMLDecember 5

    I'm trying to write a generic javascript script to facilitate clicking through <a href> links while only replacing the inner HTML instead of reloading the whole page. The strange thing is, it works, except on any link inside of freshly loaded HTML.

  • Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.noConflict is not a functionDecember 3

    i'm making and extension to reformat css styles of a website, then in the console sends this error log: Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.noConflict is not a function > script.onload @ main.js?738072580657899400:33. so i would like to somebody explain this

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