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  • Hibernate: Commiting MariaDB via JPAFebruary 8

    Im trying to write a small application which should offer a restful interface. This at it's own works together with the current hibernate-version relatively good. When trying to test, my serverside code for modifying like this: EntityManager manager

  • Using Jersey Test Framework to target APIs in other filesFebruary 3

    I have read the documentation concerning the Jersey Test framework and have successfully used JerseyTest's target method to reach a @Path annotated endpoint within my own file. Simplified code is below. public class TestApplication extends ResourceCo

  • Dropwizard-Hibernate Transaction handling for Integration TestsJanuary 26

    my dropwizard application has a integration test where i use a hibernate h2 database for storing data. For the second part of the test i am using jersey-testframework to handle resources and rest calls. In order to make these two parts work together

  • Getting Exception when doing post call using Jersey Test frameworkJanuary 25

    I am testing my rest all using jersey 2.x framework. When doing my get calls everything works fine. I am trying to test POST call but I getting exception when doing that call: The Exception is: javax.ws.rs.ProcessingException: com.fasterxml.jackson.d

  • Mock Service inside resource using jersey test framworkJanuary 19

    I have a resource for rest API which uses a service. This service has a constructor with parameters. I want to test this resource and to mock this service. This Question: How to pass parameters to REST resource using Jersey 2.5 wasn't helpful because

  • Returning JSONP From Jersey doesnt appear to workJanuary 17

    I'm using Jersey 2.22.1 and this looks so simple. I already have endpoints that return json just fine and now I want them to return jsonp. It appears that all i have to do is annotate with @JSONP, but when I test I don't see the callback wrapper. Fro

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