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  • How do I specify template content in Bootgrid?February 12

    The documentation mentions customizable templates. It's a bit sketchy on how to change or define templates, such as the search box on the top of the grid. Does anyone know how to specify your own template? I want to modify the HTML generated for the

  • Bootgrid - Command Button not calling URL on subsequent row clicksJanuary 29

    I'm using the Bootgrid component (which is great so far) and I'm running into one small issue. I've created a grid on my home page that has command buttons on each row. When I click any row (the first time) it calls my PHP script, and passes in the n

  • Jquery Bootgrid Not appending for dynamic data

    Jquery Bootgrid Not appending for dynamic dataJanuary 27

    I am using jquery bootgrid for appending the data. When i am appending single key object its appending. If i change data to multiple key object. Its not appending properly. Its append single row data only for multiple key object. The above picture sh

  • Angular2 execute Method after Rendering (Bootgrid)January 20

    i try to use jQuery Bootgrid together with Angular 2. The Problem is that that Bootgrid inspects an existing Table, but with angular2 my data is based on an asyncrone source. I try to initialize the grid later when the data is set in the controller w

  • jQuery Bootgrid Items per Page Button Doesn't Drop DownJanuary 15

    Haven't used jquery.bootgrid before, literally copy/pasted the example code from examples page for the basic grid, and the dropdown for the items per page (and the column selector dropdown) won't do anything when I click them. When I look in the deve

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