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  • Add class when scroll a certain amountMay 22

    I was wondering how to add a class to an element when the user scrolls to a certain point. On the current project I need to have a smaller header drop into view when the larger one scrolls out of sight. Even if there may be a more specified way of do

  • how to keep submenu with images centered in bootstrap nav-pillMay 6

    Hi friends I am facing responsive problem while arranging images in submenu centered. I have a container of width 1280px, for all screens. As you can see in fiddle I have a categories as menu then when we click on categories it opens a menu with imag

  • How to insert Javascript into Magento?

    How to insert Javascript into Magento?May 6

    as you can see from the attachment aall.html, if I run from this file local, the output would be as attachment 334.png(the galaxy picture) So my question is how can I Insert this "galaxy picture" and functions into my Porto theme (for example: 4

  • WP Media Uploader modal conflicts with Bootstrap modalApril 16

    I was creating a form in a Bootstrap Modal to allow users to create new posts from the frontend. Everything seemed alright until I wanted to upload a file to the media library or choose one already uploaded: This opens another modal using JS from the

  • how to move selected item in a list using up and down arrow keys in javascript?April 2

    I am trying to implement make up and down arrow buttons work for a list in HTML. the up arrow moves the selected list element of list upwards and the down arrow moves the selected list element downwards. I tried this code, but not working :: function

  • Custom noUiSlider Fixed stepsApril 1

    I m trying to create custom slider with fixed steps. I want to define steps like following. range: {20, 50, 100, 200, 250, 450, 800, 1000} Here is the demo url jsFiddle

  • Introjs highlighted area css issue

    Introjs highlighted area css issueMarch 30

    I am using your introjs plugin but I have faced some issues. The highlighted area becomes completely white. I am guessing that this is some CSS conflict because I am also using bootstrap. What can I do to determine the cause of this problem?

  • PHP refreshing using jQuery doesn't work in IEMarch 29

    I wanted to create a function in javascript/jQuery, that uses php script to refresh some data on my website. I'm using it like this: function aval() { ... $("#dost").load("readadmin.php?date="+dzien+"&diff="+diff+"&a

  • how to make drag and drop jquery?March 29

    I've been wondering how to make drag and drop with jQuery, because it is difficult to use the javascript drag and drop, and I prefer to use jQuery instead of javascript. Here is my code, and the image is only draggable. HTML: <div id="div1" c

  • Switch between Jquery AJAX and PHP with target="_blank"March 7

    I have a search result displayed - in this there is an anchor tag like below. <div class="addfriend"> <a href="add_friend.php?from=kpkdhar22&id=2" id="2" target="_blank" onclick="addfriend(1, 2)&qu

  • jQuery get text include single quote using text() doesn't show properlyMarch 5

    So I want to show div's text to input value if button clicked. But if the text includes single quote, It doesn't show properly. <div id="content_comment">It's Yours!</div> <button id="btn_comment_edit">Edit</button

  • jQuery not loading from CDNFebruary 16

    I have a custom CMS, and for some reason jQuery will not load from the can. After sitting on this for days, I remember I made a change the the .htaccess file but not sure if it's really the cause. RewriteEngine on RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f

  • show Doc icon of SharePoint document library using jquery in jqgrid

    show Doc icon of SharePoint document library using jquery in jqgridJanuary 20

    My scenario is to show doc icon in Jquery Grid for sharepoint document library. My Data is in JSON. here is how i am fetching the data and building the array object and Pass it to JSON.Now in my Jqgrid i want to display Doc icon based up on the type.

  • SharePoint List filter web part - remember selection jQuery

    SharePoint List filter web part - remember selection jQueryJanuary 20

    I have a SharePoint list filter web part connected to other web parts which filters content based on the our clients names, everything it working great but I have one issues: When i select a client the web parts update, I open a document from the doc

  • Can't access SharePoint List in document.ready function [on hold]January 20

    A function (F1) has the implementation to access a SP list. This function gets executed and successfully accesses the SP List if this function is called in the click event of a button on the form. However, the same function when called in document.re

  • jquery filer adding existing images to the list on page loadJanuary 10

    JQUERY Filler creates image boxes upon selection of each image. However i need to create those boxes from array of image names which i receive from php on page load. So user can add some more images or remove the existing ones. Here I receive the ima

  • Javascript ajax calls don't work inside of dynamically loaded HTMLDecember 5

    I'm trying to write a generic javascript script to facilitate clicking through <a href> links while only replacing the inner HTML instead of reloading the whole page. The strange thing is, it works, except on any link inside of freshly loaded HTML.

  • JQuery change text inside span tagDecember 4

    I am running AddThis social media follow widget. After each of the following three icons the name appears in text (via their JS) which I wish to remove. <span class="addthis_follow_label">Facebook</span> <span class="addthis_

  • jQuery UI Datepicker - Keyboard Navigation Event?December 4

    In order to make the jQuery UI Datepicker accessible to screen readers, I'm required to populate a hidden div with the current date that is being highlighted. The problem is that there isn't an event that is associated with keyboard navigation (CTRL

  • Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.noConflict is not a functionDecember 3

    i'm making and extension to reformat css styles of a website, then in the console sends this error log: Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.noConflict is not a function > script.onload @ main.js?738072580657899400:33. so i would like to somebody explain this

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