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  • jquery filer adding existing images to the list on page loadJanuary 10

    JQUERY Filler creates image boxes upon selection of each image. However i need to create those boxes from array of image names which i receive from php on page load. So user can add some more images or remove the existing ones. Here I receive the ima

  • Javascript ajax calls don't work inside of dynamically loaded HTMLDecember 5

    I'm trying to write a generic javascript script to facilitate clicking through <a href> links while only replacing the inner HTML instead of reloading the whole page. The strange thing is, it works, except on any link inside of freshly loaded HTML.

  • JQuery change text inside span tagDecember 4

    I am running AddThis social media follow widget. After each of the following three icons the name appears in text (via their JS) which I wish to remove. <span class="addthis_follow_label">Facebook</span> <span class="addthis_

  • jQuery UI Datepicker - Keyboard Navigation Event?December 4

    In order to make the jQuery UI Datepicker accessible to screen readers, I'm required to populate a hidden div with the current date that is being highlighted. The problem is that there isn't an event that is associated with keyboard navigation (CTRL

  • Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.noConflict is not a functionDecember 3

    i'm making and extension to reformat css styles of a website, then in the console sends this error log: Uncaught TypeError: jQuery.noConflict is not a function > script.onload @ main.js?738072580657899400:33. so i would like to somebody explain this

  • Uncaught TypeError: fn is not a function in chart.js [on hold]November 14

    This is my first time usingchart.js to make line chat and it work on my localhost but when i uploaded it to a remote host i found out that the line chart was not showing so i inspected element and found this error in the console. please what could be

  • How to Create Character Wheel like lottery number wheel?November 9

    I need a javascript to generate a word like character wheel generator. Here is the example. EX: [T][E][S][T][I][N][G] Each and Every Character should spin and finally is shows this word[TESTING]. just display a series of different letters in place un

  • Ajax Data is not coming in my view laravel 5November 9

    I am trying to filter data using ajax, when I debug using var_dump, I can see data is coming from database but it's not coming into my views. please help i'm struggling `<script> `$(function(){` `$('.click').click(function(){` `alert($(this).attr('h

  • Code to refresh this scriptNovember 8

    I am not very good with javascript or anything. What can I add to make this minecraft server query update every 10 seconds? At the moment it is a bit slow so it takes awhile to recognise players that are leaving or joining. Also how can I make this s

  • Populate navigation menu with ajaxSeptember 4

    I have a Sharepoint Online site with about 100 subsites. I want to populate the navigation menu with only the top 5 subsites and 2 static subsites. I created an empty navigation column named NavigationTest. I made an ajax request to build the menu an

  • Scaling and cropping an image adaptively based on the window dimensionsAugust 24

    I've tried my best (I'm new to JS) to write a script that make an image fit to its parent div with respect of the ratio and overflowing when needed. For example, if the height of the image is smaller than the window's height, I set the height equal t

  • Limit number of clicks on radio button and multiply by a numberAugust 18

    As you can see in the jsfiddle, when the #CreditCard radio button is clicked, the Total is multiplied by 1.02 and the Total is updated. The problem is that the same button can be clicked multiple times and the number keeps multiplying. I want to limi

  • jquery - hide parent element of a specic element after click on input raduio buttonAugust 17

    i try to hide a parent of an element based on either class of id based on that the visitor hasclicked that specific input button (value=""4542). What do i do wrong? $(document).ready(function() { $('input:radio[name="menu-items"]').cha

  • When strictly comparing two equal values stored in an array, how come the output does not return equal?August 16

    I am creating the array "clickedBoxesArray" and passing class names to it on each click. I am then comparing those class names. When the class name of the element I've just clicked matches the class name of the Item I've clicked previously, I th

  • Switch between adding and deleting html based on dropdown boxAugust 14

    I am trying to building a form that is used for creating other form. I fill out all the information and it creates a json string that is stored in a database. I have my form built and I'm able to add multiple form fields dynamically. However, I'm wan

  • Adding and removing classes at different heights on page using jQueryAugust 2

    I want to remove/add classes when the user is at different distances from the top by using jQuery. I have successfully done it, and it works fine, but I think I'm doing it wrong, and I would like your help to optimize the code. The html is simple, ba

  • How to Cascade Lookup columns in sharepoint 2013April 6

    I have two lists called "ProjectManagers" and "Projects". In ProjectManagers list I have added some names in Title column. In Projects list I have created a column(Projectmanagernames) which is Lookup column related to Projectmanagers

  • Autofill Text Column upon Selecting an Autocomplete Suggestion in New Form in SharePoint 2013April 3

    I have autocomplete working as far as it producing suggestions, I would like to fill the text field with the value of the autocomplete suggestion that renders upon entering the first few characters. Thanks in advance. List names are in Caps. ListName

  • How can I click on the first Select2 element from Selenium with Scala and BootStrapFebruary 24

    I'm testing with ScalaTest, FlatSpec and Selenium, an Scala application with Bootstrap3 and JQuery, and I'm getting a strange behavior with the Select2 elements. When I want to click on a Select2 element, I try these options: click on xpath("... My X

  • How can i get text option from AJAX generated select dropdown using jQuery?February 23

    I am trying to populate dropdown using AJAX and trying to get the text field of select dropdown along with the value of that selection. I am getting the text but only the preselected text. If i change the selection in second dropdown the text corresp

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