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  • Running Parameterized Tests with JUnitCoreFebruary 11

    Is it possible to run a parameterized test class with JUnitCore API? I've a class under test called Fibonacci, a parameterized test class called TestFibonacci, and a simple Java class (JUnitParameterized) which executes the TestFibonacci class using

  • Running function after JUnit test runnerJanuary 29

    Is there a way to trigger some function to run after the junit or cucumber testrunner is done? I want to run a function that picks up the test report produced and push it to a specific place. I dont have any other way to do this since builds are done

  • IntelliJ runs unit tests with Maven instead of JUnit

    IntelliJ runs unit tests with Maven instead of JUnitJanuary 24

    I have some Unit tests, that when I try to run, it automatically creates Maven run/debug configuration, instead of JUnit (the integrated IDEA tab). For some tests it does use JUnit run\debug configuration and manually - I can create both Maven and JU

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