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  • Sending Commands from Jupyter/IPython running on EC2 to EMR clusterFebruary 17

    Can we send commands from Jupyter/IPython notebook running on AWS EC2 to AWS EMR having our code of word count ? I have followed the following url for installation of Jupyter on EC2. There is another link which installs Jupyter on EMR and performs Wo

  • see "creation date" and "last update" in Jupyter notebookFebruary 17

    I wonder if there is a way to add a column "creation date" and "updated date" in Jupyter Notebook file browsing scree (i.e. "Home" - http://localhost:8888/tree).

  • Jupyter install fails on Mingw using pip - need mingw_extension manifest constantFebruary 17

    Attempting to use pip to install jupyter on mingw64 using python 2.7 The automatic build mechanism has no way that I can find to pass a #Define for __MINGW_EXTENSION. The declaration of intmax_t is made available with this definition.

  • Configuring Jupyter default importsFebruary 17

    How do I tell Jupyter (console and notebook) to import some Python packages by default? I would like to do this using only the .jupyter folder

  • How do I filter out column headers from a csv file that do not contain a keyword [on hold]February 16

    I'm currently working with jupyter and I need to read in a csv file (which I have done successfully using pandas) and filter out columns that don't contain the word Value. This is for a class however, the point is working with the data set. I'm just

  • Where does the %load filename.py command look in Jupyter notebooks?February 15

    I am trying to load a .py file into a single cell in a jupyter notebook. I tried using the command %load training.py and I received the error: "ValueError: 'training.py' was not found in history, as a file, url, nor in the user namespace." I hav

  • Shared, writable folders in jupyterhubFebruary 15

    We are currently building a jupyterhub environment in a docker container and struggling with shared folders. Our goal is to set up a shared folder wich is writable for all users. In each user's home folder there is a symbolic link ~/shared to /opt/sh

  • How to share Jupyter notebooksFebruary 15

    I have a Jupyter hub installed and I was wondering if it is possible to share notebooks among different users. Thank you --------------Solutions------------- You can share a Jupyter notebook is to simply to place it on GitHub (and view it directly) o

  • How to paste multi-line input into Jupyter console?February 14

    The %paste magic for pasting multi-line input works with IPython 2, but fails with Jupyter console (on Mac OSX El Capitan). ~ > jupyter console Jupyter Console 4.1.0 In [1]: %paste ERROR: Line magic function `%paste` not found. In [2]: Going through

  • How to configure JupiterHub to show same notebook types as Jupiter?

    How to configure JupiterHub to show same notebook types as Jupiter?February 14

    On Ubuntu 14 I installed Jupiter via pip3 and apt-get. It works. Yet I have a problem: JupiterHub shows one menu for a user while Jupiter notebook shows another: Same virtual enviroments, default configuration. I use next comands to start them: sudo

  • jupyter-js-services - how to save notebookFebruary 13

    I'm trying to use jupyter as a backend for my system and now I play with examples from jupyter-js-api docs. Using IKernel and INotebookSession I managed to execute simple code and get the response form kernel. But I can's figure out how to extract th

  • Upgrading to notepad 4.6 offlineFebruary 12

    my server is offline and the anaconda installation installs Jupyter 1.0. There is no internet connectivity and would appreciate tips on how best to upgrade to the latest version of notepad (and hub) later on. Thank you Hani

  • Fresh Windows 10 install of anaconda and jupyter - Kernel Error (Python 2.7 and 3.5)

    Fresh Windows 10 install of anaconda and jupyter - Kernel Error (Python 2.7 and 3.5)February 12

    I have been using ipython and also a little bit of jupyter for quite some time, some time ago. After not having used it in almost 6 months I wanted to start using it again. I installed the newest version of jupyter, updated my python 2.7 install, got

  • error installing a package in jupyter notebookFebruary 12

    I have a problem installing a certain package in jupyter notebook. I'm completely new to linux mint 17.3 mate and python. I have installed anaconda 3 and the ipython notebook. Now I need to install holoviews and a package named kwant. I think I insta

  • Is RStudio coming up with Jupyter like interface?February 11

    I've been using Jupyterhub with R-Kernel lately and is excellent for notebook style coding but is a pain to integrate Shiny / HTML Widgets / plotly etc.. Is there a plan for RStudio to come up with a similar notebook style interface? I understand Rma

  • Why are some variables and comments in my iPython notebook red?

    Why are some variables and comments in my iPython notebook red?February 11

    Is this a syntax highlighting issue in my iPython notebook? Can I remove it? This happens in some of my cells, but not others. I'm viewing this iPython notebook. --------------Solutions------------- This is because the indentation is screwed up. For

  • Error loading IPython Jupyter notebook:February 10

    I have an error while loading IPython Jupyter notebook. Also errors occur on the shell. Is there anyone who could help me for solving these errors? Errors which occur on the shell: Unhandled error in API request DatabaseError: database disk image is

  • Jupyter won't connect to a kernelFebruary 10

    I'm using django-extensions and I ran shell_plus --kernel and it output: To connect another client to this kernel, use: --existing kernel-6690.json Then I tried connecting with Jupyter: $ jupyter notebook --existing=kernel-6690.json [W 10:44:59.290 N

  • How to write LaTeX in jupyter (not just equations)February 10

    Is it possible to write LaTeX in jupyter? It seems that IPython.display.Latex supports only a subset of LaTeX equations. In particular I would like to use \tabular and others LaTeX commands (HTML is not an option).

  • Running Jupyter on Bluemix virtual machine

    Running Jupyter on Bluemix virtual machineFebruary 10

    I have set up a virtual machine on Bluemix. I want to set up Jupyter Notebooks on it. I followed the tutorial here how to set up Jupyter on a VM. http://blog.impiyush.me/2015/02/running-ipython-notebook-server-on-aws.html It all worked until I got th

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