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  • Battery indicator shows opposite state: charging when discharging and vice versa [15.10]April 28

    So, pretty weird bug. As the title says, when my battery is charging, it says the power is draining (the symbol changes and it tells me how long is left until I'm dead), and when the power is not connected, it tells me how long is left until fully ch

  • Backpack for the Asus ROG G752VTMarch 28

    First of, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, if it isn't, please let me know in which StackExchange site it should go. I'm trying to get a bag for my Asus ROG G752VT laptop, and from what I read online, these two bags would work: h

  • Next steps for quieting noisy fan (hp Pavilion dm4 laptop)March 3

    I have the hp Pavilion dm4 laptop. The fan has been getting really noisy lately. I have already done the following: Checked the CPU performance while it is noisy (no change). Updated the BIOS Turned the "run all the time" function in BIOS off Op

  • DC jack output to motherboard on vaio laptop

    DC jack output to motherboard on vaio laptopFebruary 28

    My laptop DC jack stopped working properly a few months ago. Today when I woke up the charger pin was so hot that it had melted the rubber end, so I finally got a spare DC jack and cable to replace it, since its not soldered to the motherboard The on

  • Auto-disable wlan0 while wlan1 is available and reenable wlan0 when wlan1 isn't availableFebruary 18

    I have a Linksys WUSB6300. I want my laptop's internal wifi card to be disabled while I have my usb wifi stick (WUSB6300) plugged in and reenabled when I unplug my usb wifi stick I have a Lenovo T410 running Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (will be installing 16.04

  • Strapping yourself for grounding to do open case laptop work November 29

    This question already has an answer here: Using anti-static wrist strap to ground against laptop 2 answers I am going to be doing a complete disassemble of a laptop to move it into a new casing and I was worried about static electricity damaging any

  • Laptop Work - Grounding YourselfNovember 5

    I've been researching for a couple hours now and thought I'd post my own thread to get further information. I apologize for the length of this post and thank you to anyone who takes the time to read it. I am going to be doing a complete disassemble o

  • IDT sound card doesn't workOctober 4

    In my hp pavilion, after I installed some programs, sound card doesn't work any more. My OS is Lubuntu 15.10 Thanks in advance for your help. some outputs ~$ cat /proc/asound/card0/codec#* | grep Codec Codec: IDT 92HD75B3X5 ~$ aplay -L **** List of P

  • How much can a vendor's chipset make a difference?February 17

    I'm using an HP Pavilion dm4 from around 2010-2011 (model number WD470AV) running Windows 7. It's got a Radeon HD 5450 integrated card as well as an Intel graphics chipset. I've NEVER been able to get these things to work using drivers other than the

  • How to have my laptop go to sleep when unplugged while lid shut? (Don't want it to go to sleep when closing lid and plugged in)February 16

    I've got a Lenovo Yoga 2 11 running Windows 10. I currently have it set to stay awake when the lid is closed and it is plugged in, and that is working exactly as intended. However, if the lid is closed and it is plugged in, when I unplug it, I want i

  • Lenovo Ideapad z500 keyboard/screen backlight issuesFebruary 16

    I cannot get my back-light on my keyboard to work whatsoever and the brightness of the screen only has two settings: maximum or eye scalding maximum. I have been searching forums high and low for answers but to no avail. Any help would be greatly app

  • What happens when more RAM is installed than the motherboard supports? revisited [on hold]February 16

    Well.., that the question is now become an answer, the limits shows always on the motherboard is that about max memory usage, and to upgrade it, it splits the ram to each other, and that the max usage on your ram, does not maxed out, means the PC wil

  • Will a 13.3" touchscreen from a Dell Latitude XT3 work on a 13.3" Latitude E6320?February 15

    I have a Dell Latitude E6320 and found the XT3 online, which looks almost identical only the XT3 has a touch screen, it swivels around and has some display buttons but if I but a replacement XT3 screen, will I be able to fit it to a e6320? Any other

  • Keyboard Problems with my HP Pavilion Gaming notebookFebruary 14

    I have an HP Pavilion Gaming notebook and sometimes when I'm playing a video it will toggle one of my W,A,S or D keys if I press them repeatedly.I have checked that sticky keys are disabled and I also run on Windows 10.

  • My lenovo thinkpad screen is broken

    My lenovo thinkpad screen is brokenFebruary 14

    I have a lenovo thinkpad T430i . My lenovo thinkpad screen was fine until one day I open my computer and the the sceen is displaying some kind of hazy blue. It was like my opening microsoft screen just without any detail or logo and all I see is blue

  • Compaq CQ61-319WM will not boot from just AC; dead battery has to chargeFebruary 14

    A friend gave me an old laptop to play around with, and it's exhibiting a peculiar symptom: it has to charge up the battery for a few minutes before it will turn on. The battery does not have much life in it and you cannot run the laptop on just the

  • Can stripped metal on a power button ribbon be repaired?February 13

    I was struggling with a power button cable going into the motherboard (the clip was broken), and in the meantime I managed to strip the ribbon going into the motherboard. I reversed the cable and used a pair of tweezers to jump start the laptop as a

  • Laptop crashes on startupFebruary 12

    I own a Acer Aspire 5737z; the problem exhibits with a normal Windows login and also in a safe mode login. What happens is basically, after logging into Windows my laptop has crashed to a black screen originally after 25mins now it's down to 30sec. H

  • Windows (sleep mode) Screen is dimming but unable to go to sleepFebruary 11

    When i'm running windows 7(64 bits) a long time , the computer won't go to sleep when i hit the sleep mode button or the power button (since i'm configuring it that way) When going to sleep , the screen dimms but the laptop wouldn't be sutdown ... th

  • HP Pavilion G7 Laptop won't connect to external monitorFebruary 11

    I've been using an external monitor for my hp laptop for a while now because the screen is broken and recently downloaded Windows 10 and wasn't to crazy about it so I did a factory reset to go back to Windows 7. Now my laptop will not recognize my ex

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