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  • Number of pages in preambleFebruary 1

    I have tried this to use the number of pages as an option to a package: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{lipsum} \usepackage{lastpage} \usepackage{refcount} \newcounter{mylastpage} \setcounterpageref{mylastpage}{LastPage} %\usepackage[\themylastpa

  • Writing value of LastPage to external fileJanuary 29

    How can I write the final value of LastPage (\pageref{LastPage}) to an external file (knowing that it needs 2-3 compiliations of the document)? (I need it to adapt a .cls file.) [Update 2016-01-29, 13:30] Found the following solution using the refcou

  • lastpage (or pageslts) and \topskip0ptJanuary 28

    Can anyone explain why the following mwe produces TWO pages of output? \documentclass{minimal} \usepackage{lastpage} \begin{document} \topskip 0pt Hello, world. \end{document} If I replace \topskip 0pt by \topskip 1pt (or any small non-zero positive

  • How to use \page[quadruple] while having a cover as last page in ConTeXt?November 30

    I am creating a personalised magazine in ConTeXt-LuaTeX. It has a cover (that what you can see before opening the magazine), existing of two .pdf files. It contains several chapters adaptive text, meaning each person gets part of the information. Upf

  • Newpage should start new page numbers with lastpage alsoNovember 10

    I want to keep everything in one master file and require to start new page numbers with lastpage also after each \newpage command. MWE is below. Any help will be highly appreciated. Thanks \documentclass[12pt,english]{article} \usepackage[T1]{fontenc

  • lastpage, hyperref and xifthen

    lastpage, hyperref and xifthenNovember 9

    I am trying to write a code for figuring if the current page is the last page. I do run into some problems, though. In my example here, the code will not run if hyperrefis loaded. Without it, it produces the result I'm after. Also, in my real documen

  • Changing page to pages if more than one pageOctober 28

    At the beginning of my document, I need to list the total number of pages in the document. I've got a system that works most of the time (see below), but if the document only has one page, then my document reads "1 pages," which is unfortunate.

  • Resetting LastPage in scrlttr2 letters

    Resetting LastPage in scrlttr2 lettersJuly 14

    I'm trying to find a way to add "page X of Y" to the footers of my scrlttr2 letters. At first sight, using the lastpage package and \pageref*{LastPage} works. However, as soon as multiple letters are included in the document the value of LastPag

  • fancyhdr and lastpage: do not count last page

    fancyhdr and lastpage: do not count last pageJuly 13

    I am using fancyhdr and lastpage. I want to write a Bachlorthesis and the last page must be the statutory declaration wich should not be part of the page count. But this page is counted in LastPage. How can i get lastpage to not count this page ? \se

  • How to get second last page as a number without hyperref?June 15

    I'm trying to get the second last page as a number but without having to create a hyperlink to it. What I have now is: \def\leavesecond#1#2#3!{#2} \makeatletter \AtBeginDocument{% \expandafter\ifx\csname [email protected]\endcsname\relax \newcommand\SecondL

  • Adding a watermark on all pages AFTER a prespecified page

    Adding a watermark on all pages AFTER a prespecified pageFebruary 16

    Conference submissions typically limit a document to a certain number of pages, and when I'm editing, I'd like to be able to add a watermark to mark pages that are over the limit. For example, if I have a 11 page document and the conference submissio

  • Header with Image: Page number disappearing after firstpage

    Header with Image: Page number disappearing after firstpageFebruary 6

    When I compile the following code, there's no page number after the first page. If I comment out the Geometry command at the top of the code, the page number appears well beyond the printable page. What's happening to all the pages after the title pa

  • ifthenelse doesn't work in case of string comparison

    ifthenelse doesn't work in case of string comparisonJanuary 9

    I tried to use this code to place footer in all pages except the last page in which I just want an "end". \ifthenelse {\equal {\detokenize{\thepage}} {\detokenize{\pageref{LastPage}}} } { \rfoot[]{\textit{End}} } { \rfoot[]{\textit{Continued on

  • Khmer page number in beamerJanuary 1

    I have just translated gloss-khmer.ldf, which is a part of the polyglossia package. I have tried to use it with the beamer class using theme Madrid. The theorem number is displayed as a Khmer number but the last page number is still an Arabic number.

  • Referring to Second Last Page in pageref in lastpage package

    Referring to Second Last Page in pageref in lastpage packageAugust 7

    I can use \pageref{LastPage} to give the reference of last page with lastpage package. The last page of document is the back cover so I don't want to count it. I wonder how to specify the second last page with lastpage package. Thanks in advance for

  • How to perform mathematical operation in latex?March 3

    I am new to LaTeX. I'm working on some sample LaTeX examples. The sample I want to create a progress bar in my document. My sample code is shown below. Any help would be appreciated. \documentclass{article} \usepackage{amsmath} \usepackage{lastpage}

  • Error with the lastpage packageFebruary 5

    Can somebody help me with this error: LaTeX /b/c12/cWarning:/b/c0/c Reference `lastpage' on page 1 undefined on input line 24. /b/c4/cOverfull/b/c0/c \hbox (9.14719pt too wide) has occurred while \output is active [][] ! Missing number, treated as ze

  • ConTeXt: How to display last page number (Page # of #) in header/footer?November 19

    In LaTeX, I could do something like: \fancyhead[R]{\HeaderFont{\thepage{}/\pageref{LastPage}}} and/or \fancyfoot[R]{\FooterFont{\thepage{}/\pageref{LastPage}}} How to achieve the same with ConTeXt? --------------Solutions------------- Nailed it: \set

  • pageslts error: very old endfloat in texlive 2013 October 23

    The package pageslts in TeX Live 2013 complains about "very old endfloat package detected", but the recent endfloat version 2.5d is loaded. A minimum working example showing this error is: \documentclass{article} \usepackage{pageslts} \usepackag

  • PDF Latex lastpage does not workAugust 22

    I've added the last page package tried to display the pager but the last page wont display. What's wrong with my code, the last page will just display a "??": {.select date_format(now()," %M %d, %Y %r") as run_date} {.select username f

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