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  • Can I use `purple-facebook` with empathy?January 17

    Facebook dropped the XMPP support. Since pidgin solution is to merge with purple-facebook... and empathy uses libpurple... can I somehow use empathy with purple-facebook? I installed the package but there's no new protocol showing in empathy. With pi

  • How to grant application access for Facebook accountDecember 29

    Good day to all! I've been trying to use Empathy for Facebook chat for quite some time now but whenever I try to enable it, I get the "Applications can no longer access your Facebook online account blah, blah, blah..." and so I tried going to On

  • freeze on purple screen when installing 14.04January 22

    I've tried to install 6 different variants of ubuntu today and failed everytime always the same problem. It boots up, I'm greeted with a screen that asks if I want to test or install ubuntu (there were probably more options) (I've tried both multiple

  • IDE for libpurple (Pidgin)?December 26

    I'm interested to develop an app using pidgin & libpurple, but how can I "import" the code to some IDE that manages GTK? someone use/is aware of one like that? --------------Solutions------------- The two that immediately come to my mind are

  • How do you use Qutecom to connect to other services?November 30

    I read on Wikipedia that it uses libpurple, but I can't figure out how to connect to other services (like jabber for example). Am I missing something or is the feature just not there anymore? --------------Solutions------------- Clients of libpurple

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