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  • top-level domain registration: does "updating" imply a license extension (Whois report)?February 16

    I created a blog and I want to purchase a second level domain, that's to say I want to move from domain.altervista.org to -> domain.com. I would like to register that domain with the .com extension but it is already registered. By doing a research on

  • E-Commerce website in salesforce in developer orgJanuary 25

    Hi I want to start with my small ecommerce website. I am going to use developer org. As my cost for development is low. I know the limitation of salesforce like size, object limitations etc.. This limitations are fine with me. What all other constrai

  • Putting RPM files along with Proprietary source code in common repositoryJanuary 13

    We have a large Repository of Proprietary source code (C, C++, PerlScripts, MakeFiles) which does not contain the compiled object files. When running the Build Process on a workspace, the object files get generated. Now, we have a requirement to make

  • Does FreeBSD contain non-free software in its base?December 15

    I mean binary blobs compiled by third parties. Additionally if you do pkg install, are there non-free packages considered by default? --------------Solutions------------- Of course it does, otherwise lots of basic hardware (ie network adapters) would

  • Case.IsLocked Field in SalesforceDecember 9

    Can somebody please let me know , how can we enable the islocked field related to case object. Thanks --------------Solutions------------- This field is set to true only when your record is submitted for Approval. But if you try to query in developer

  • Roll your own CRM in Salesforce?December 2

    Given that Performance Edition licensing costs a lot more than Platform licensing, what is to prevent someone from simply purchasing one PE license, creating their own CRM extensions using custom objects, then subscribing all additional users on the

  • How to clone a profile for a different license type in EclipseDecember 1

    Looking to migrate some of our full Salesforce licenses down to Platform licenses and need to clone the custom profiles the users were on to be compatible with their new Platform licenses. Everything I can find online confirms that this needs to be d

  • Tabs with multiple objects and limits on appsNovember 20

    Quick question when building ISVForce.com or OEM apps. If we build an ISVForce.com or OEM Embedded app that has 25 tabs that consume 35 objects, are we breaching the limits for an app? Essentially, the app is not going to be sold via AppExchange, but

  • do Platform licenses also require a full Salesforce licenseNovember 20

    Done a stack of research over the last month about the different licensing options for selling managed package apps and still cannot get a definitive answer on what actually seems like a pretty straightforward question. Scenario We have developed a f

  • How can we tell if a License is generated by Manual Appexchange install OR a Trialforce?November 18

    How can we determine if a License record created for a Package in ISV CRM is from an AppExchange Install or a Trialforce? Can we somehow manage that kind of filtering or reporting on Licenses? I know, Leads have Lead Source as information, but usuall

  • Question on LicensesNovember 17

    Is license tied to Salesforce/force.com App? For example, we have an app and 50 users (with a mix of Salesforce and Platform licenses) are using it, and we deploy another (force.com) app for the same users, do we need to purchase another license just

  • How can semi-proprietary software be based on the Linux Kernel?October 23

    I hope this isn't OT, sorry if it is. If I understand correctly, the Linux Kernel is licensed under the GPL, which means that if anyone bases anything on it, they have to also license the entire derivative work under the GPL, making anyone free to mo

  • I wan't to create an web page to buy new user license for my salesforce App but outside the LMO?October 18

    I'm not sure how I can do it and respect security because it look like usualy people do it in salesforce apex visual force page? I want to use an external web site done in .net for being able to change it regularly an easily. How I can make people bu

  • Why not enable Flow User?October 13

    I understand why Salesforce does not default users to Flow users. However, is there a reason to not check off the Force.com Flow User checkbox when adding a new user? --------------Solutions------------- In general, if a feature license requires you

  • License Authenticated WebsiteSeptember 25

    I have a customer's portal available in my ORG, but I only have this license "Authenticated Website". As this license doesn't have access to the case, I created a custom object similar to the case. Until there everything was ok, this object is a

  • Sales Cloud EE licenseAugust 14

    We have a few users with Sales Cloud EE users. We are looking to potentially switch a few of the users to chatter users. Can we swap that user type and go from Sales Cloud EE --> Chatter plus or chatter free or would we need to deactivate the sales c

  • unable to utilize my licensesAugust 6

    Unable to access my partner community licenses. I have 19 Available but the option when creating a new user, as far a licensing goes, only allows me to choose create chatter free/chatter (in general) accounts. --------------Solutions------------- You

  • Should i go ahead with Salesforce July 21

    My current project is in ideation phase and i'm looking for a robust database for managing subscriptions. The project involves developing a video sharing website based on user subscriptions for selling my videos. So i would have the integration with

  • Salesforce not-for-profit license upgradeJuly 21

    We have a client that currently has a license for Salesforce professional edition. They are a not-for-profit, so they qualify for 10 free enterprise edition licenses under the NFP discount program, so they'd like to upgrade to enterprise edition. The

  • How is a Salesforce Sandbox licensed?July 7

    What is pricing model when you want an extra Sandbox from Salesforce? Is it like how you purchase Salesforce production instance, i.e., $/month/user? Or is it a flat rate, i.e, X dollars for 1 Full Copy Sandbox. --------------Solutions------------- Y

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