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  • openvpn multiple bridged connectionsFebruary 25

    Have problem connecting several physical network segments using openvpn, please help. Have network that consists of 3 segments: First one: 172.16.2 with linux router that has an internet access and openvpn server installed. o

  • Owner of screen sessionFebruary 24

    When I logged in a server and issue a 'screen -list' commands it gives the following result - 31917.pts-5.office (Detached) 31844.pts-0.office (Detached) But it is sometimes important to know who has start the screen session - eg.- as system admin ma

  • Why doesn't `tar --exclude` take multiple options?February 7

    Looking at the man-page for tar it's stated that --exclude=PATTERN will " exclude files, given as a PATTERN ". I'm not sure if PATTERN is explained in more detail somewhere else, but why does the user have to supply a separate --exclude option f

  • What is the command for connecting to WiFi from the command line? [on hold]February 7

    What is an easy way to connect to a secured network from the command line in Arch Linux(without an X server)? I am looking for a command, or a sequence of commands that will allow me to connect to the network. Note: the computer already has the drive

  • Running Python Files on Fordham Linux Erdos Server [on hold]

    Running Python Files on Fordham Linux Erdos Server [on hold]February 5

    I am having trouble executing my python files on Fordham University's Linux Command Line (the Erdos Server). The url for the server is located at http://storm.cis.fordham.edu/desktop/desk.php. The server accepts my username, and password, and then di

  • autofs: how to check if a given directory is a mount trap, from userspace?February 4

    Mount traps are core elements of the implementation of autofs in Linux, and "any directory provided by a filesystem can be designated as a trap" (per autofs4.txt); from kernel space, one'd check if "a dentry has the DCACHE_NEED_AUTOMOUNT fl

  • What are the potential privacy issues in using a TPM chip with GNU/LinuxJanuary 24

    I'm planning to buy a TPM chip to bring more security in my system (GNU/Linux, dm-crypt/LUKS, SED) but I'm not sure with the big debate around it. What are the (possible) privacy concerns in using a TPM chip ? Can my keys or my datas be leaked to gov

  • Multiple terminals, multiple commands, lxterminalJanuary 9

    I am working with Python. Writing a script, I am attempting to use os.system() to open a new terminal, create new tabs and run different commands in each respective tab (which appear to run simultaneously). I am familiar with gnome-terminal as it is

  • Zookeeper compiling error: syntax error in VERSION scriptJanuary 8

    I am trying to compile the C bindings for Zookeeper, but I am unable to do so. When I run make, I receive the following error: /usr/bin/ld:.libs/libzookeeper_st.ver:2: ignoring invalid character `\033' in script /usr/bin/ld:.libs/libzookeeper_st.ver:

  • How to use vga passthrough in Ubuntu 15.10 with two AMD graphic cards using the same driverJanuary 5

    I have a Ubuntu 15.10 based PC with two different ATI/AMD graphics cards (ATI Radeon 4650 and AMD 7970) I want to install Windows via qemu/kvm with vga passthrough. For this I have to blacklist the AMD 7970 card using the command blacklist radeon. Un

  • Dumping current .zshrc from terminalJanuary 4

    I've wanted to make quick edit in a .zshrc, but vim said that it can't be written or something. So I quit, with :q!. Then I wanted to reopen this file... and it was empty. I still have terminal open which works with previous configuration. How can I

  • Internet stops working after few minutesJanuary 4

    My internet stops working after few minutes and have to disconnect and then reconnect to wifi to make it work. This issue is only with my laptop other devices mobile/tablet/pc works fine with the same wifi My internet setup is like this MODEM ==> (vi

  • Unable to install Grub manually

    Unable to install Grub manuallyJanuary 2

    I sent as unable to install Grub It says that cannot find efi directory Please refer the image for error details I am installing it from live Kali linux --------------Solutions------------- Have you tried boot-repair yet? If not, open your favorite s

  • Apache on Last Logins listJanuary 1

    I have set the apache user to have /sbin/nologin as his shell, but still he appears many times in the list of last logins (last command) - probably by someone who I surely didn't want to do so. What am I missing here, what else can trigger an entry o

  • Spamassassin does not start on ubuntu serverDecember 31

    After installing Spamassassin on my Ubuntu server, it does not start and gives this error: : not found/spamassassin: 3: /etc/default/spamassassin: : not found/spamassassin: 6: /etc/default/spamassassin: : not found/spamassassin: 9: /etc/default/spama

  • HTTPS activated, how to refuse HTTP connections December 31

    This question already has an answer here: HowTo redirect HTTP to HTTPS on the same httpd? 2 answers I recently installed an SSL certificate on my server and now HTTPS seems to work for all the pages. However, the server is still accepting connections

  • Should I use OSX Server as replacement of CloudLinux? [on hold]December 30

    I have a MacPro and a rented CloudLinux dedicated server with +20 domains. My question is, is it wise to replace CloudLinux with the OSX Server app? My reasons Using MacPro more logically. She is wasting as an in-office server. I want to own my own d

  • Why there is a bridge concept over interface bonding?December 30

    I am confused with the network bridge concept over interface bonding. Network Bonding : used for aggregating multiple ports into one, for redundancy purpose. Network Bridge : used to bridge packets between 2 ports. Both concepts are different. But wh

  • Need get help java paypal payments coding is NOT SPAM as computer thinksDecember 22

    java coding paypal project with java trading app need paypal payments code share with so many others with same needs INCLUDES ALL SAMPLE JAVA CODE I COULD FIND TO MAKE EASIER described at: hiringfreelancernedded.blogspot.com/ no more freelancers Java

  • Unable to boot to Solus

    Unable to boot to SolusDecember 22

    Regards, Recently I have downloaded Solus 1.0. While trying to boot following text appears on screen and hangs there, crtl+alt+del, esc, enter... they do not work, to restart I have to do it manually. Bootable usb drive was created in windows 10 usin

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