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  • I wan't to create an web page to buy new user license for my salesforce App but outside the LMO?October 18

    I'm not sure how I can do it and respect security because it look like usualy people do it in salesforce apex visual force page? I want to use an external web site done in .net for being able to change it regularly an easily. How I can make people bu

  • How do I get an ISV business org?July 23

    I have developed a managed package in a DE org, and later became approved as a Partner. I plan to put my package on AppExchange, but I need an LMO. I read somewhere that my ISV business org comes with the LMA installed. What does it mean by ISV busin

  • What should I use as my APO?August 28

    I'm confused about what I should be using as my APO. I see a few options: Get a Business Org page from the ISVforce Guide suggests that I should Create A Case and apply for an ISV CRM. The instructions there are pretty outdated though (compared to th

  • LMO without using partner portalApril 15

    I want to create License Management Org (LMO). Can I do it without having Parnter Portal? Can I make any dev org as LMO? --------------Solutions------------- You can't use LMA/LMO without being part of the Salesforce Partner Program. Be aware that th

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