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  • How can I unlock patterns on my Huawei Ipad

    How can I unlock patterns on my Huawei IpadFebruary 15

    I need your help. My son locked my Huawei Ipad and he doesn't know what patterns he used and I can't log in on my Ipad, I tried everything, if there is anyone who knows, please help. --------------Solutions------------- Method 1: If you know your Gma

  • PIN forgotten.no option of "forgot password"February 8

    Using oneplus one(not rooted).PIN forgotten.no option of "forgot password".android device manager doesn't locate my device.cellular data is on.doesn't connect to the wifi automatically.din't know whethere USB debugging is on.need to recover 1-2

  • Where has the forgotten password button gone?February 6

    My device is running Android 5.0 Lollipop or above and I have forgotten my lock screen password. After trying multiple times without luck, I do not see an option to reset my password using my Google account credentials. Why is this option not appeari

  • Is it possible to pull data in ADB sideload modeFebruary 1

    My phone is locked, as explained here. Since I can't find the password, I want to backup my data before a reset. I've just installed Android Studio and Samsung USB driver. Boot my phone on "apply update from ADB" mode. Open Windows CMD, run adb.

  • How do I unlock a remotely set password from andriod device manager?January 31

    URGENT help needed. I locked my samsung tablet from my phone using the device manager and now my tablet wont unlock. I used a simple password "Hi" to lock it and I didnt send a recovery message. I tried changing the password by entering a new te

  • Galaxy S5 mini - Locked and I don't know the alternate passwordJanuary 30

    For some reason my Galaxy S5 mini (SM-G800) is locked and asking for the alternate password instead of my fingerprint. I already restarted it, took of the battery, but it always goes to the same locked screen on boot. I also tried the Android Device

  • Lockscreen is missing, can I reinstall the lockscreen somehow?January 26

    On boot my mobile phone goes to the lockscreen background but doesn't show the unlock symbol. I've tried dragging the button blind but it's not just that it's not visible, it's not there. Neither does the "emergency dial" button show. The rest o

  • Locked out of Galaxy S Duos - Failed lock patternJanuary 25

    I have Samsung Galaxy S Duos S7562 which is now locked with too many failed pattern attempts. I don't remember the pin for it. I've changed my password for Google account from laptop and I wanted to login from the locked out phone but it says wrong p

  • I never set a passcode/word on my phone, but suddenly I'm locked outJanuary 23

    I've never set a password on my Droid Turbo Android phone to open it. Today the Android Device Manager Locked my phone w/ the message: Attn: Investigating Unauthorized Access. I haven't downloaded anything recently, nor done anything out of the ordin

  • How to remove GoPago software on Droid Xyboard? Otherwise can't use itJanuary 23

    So someone asked me to help get this old DROID XYBOARD tablet working that it preinstalled with GoPago. In order to access the main tablet homescreen, you have to login to gopago live which is not possible since they are not a company anymore. So I a

  • How to unlock samsung tab with the fingerprint scanner not workingJanuary 21

    I have a samsung tab 2 and suddenly the fingerprint scanner stopped working and I'm not able to unlock my device. Now my device asking for backup password. Which as you all guess I do not remember. After several tries of wrong passwords I get a messa

  • Launcher loading error HTC Desire 620G

    Launcher loading error HTC Desire 620GJanuary 18

    Having a problem with my android phone HTC Desire 620G, its appearing launcher loading while am trying to connect internet and automatically start downloading and installing apps. When launcher loading error comes it disabled my buttons, so no intera

  • I got locked out my phone by something called frpJanuary 18

    So I want to know that if I hard reset my phone (u know off button home button and volume button)will I still be able to make phone calls like normal I dont really care about anything just if ill keep my phone number and if ill be able to make phone

  • Locked out of Mikona tablet, How to restore firmwareJanuary 14

    I have a Mikona MHTMID B1005DC-B 10.1 Android tablet. How do I hard reset this tablet? It has no volume buttons and is stuck on my password when booted up. Can I install an OS on SDcard and install from there (which one do I need for it if I can?)

  • Disable Android lock-out (un)featureJanuary 9

    Unfortunately, someone thought is was funny to mash my lock screen buttons (phone fell out of my pocket while sitting on the floor), which required me to sign in via my Google account. Now normally this would be somewhat OK, but I was not connected t

  • Retrieve photos from locked Galaxy S6 Edge - password forgottenJanuary 8

    I used the fingerprint scan for ages to unlock my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Now it doesn't work and I cant remember my backup password. Wi-Fi is switched off and so is mobile data. I just want to get my photos off. If I can enable USB debugging that wo

  • Unlocking/initializing factory-resetted phone [no sim]January 2

    HTC Magic (T-Mobile myTouch) I have an old pre-paid phone which I want to give to my dad for running offline and Wi-Fi apps. I factory-reset it to quickly get rid of my old stuff and in the hope to make it faster (it became really slow after 4 years

  • Samsung S6 - "Unlock via Gmail" option not appearing when password incorrectDecember 29

    I have forgotten my lock screen password after my fingerprint reader failed. I don't have Samsung Find my Mobile. I enter my password repeatedly incorrect but only see the "wait 30 seconds" when entering my password. I am never given the option

  • My Sony Xperia E4g is locked by android device manager and I can'tDecember 27

    How do I unlock my phone if I've forgotten the password --------------Solutions------------- You don't ... Factory reset is the only way I found, after I broke the screen in frustration. Yay.

  • I have moto G (2015) and forgot my pattern lock!December 20

    I have moto G (2015) and forgot my pattern lock I don't want to factory reset since I have lot of data in my phone memory. It runs on stock version lollipop and usb debugging is not enabled. I read most of the previously asked questions and didn't fi

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