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  • Scheduling problem [on hold]March 13

    I run a coed volleyball league. There are 8 teams of 2 people. Each team has one man and one woman on it. I wish to construct a schedule of games where teams trade players between games. I want: 1) Each man to play against all other men 2) each man t

  • controlling an application solution with multiple multithreaded projectsFebruary 17

    from my main project I am running some other executables mainly from the current solution. the output window shows me info on exiting threads when I suspect they shouldn't, what leads me to the question, how do I run my application child projects so

  • Multiple and/or conditions in a java while loopFebruary 17

    I want the while loop to execute when the user's input is a non-integer value, an integer value less than 1, or an integer value greater than 3. Once the input is valid, I will use it. However, the loop only works when the user inputs a non-integer v

  • SQL - Auto paginating a catalogueFebruary 17

    I'm building a model to auto populate (paginate) a catalogue with products. I have a running order, and the space allocation each product should receive (1/8 1/4 1/2 3/4 1/1 pages). I need ideas on how to tessellate the products onto page. without to

  • Propositional Logic and Proofs

    Propositional Logic and ProofsFebruary 17

    I am trying to prove the below case for a homework assignment and have been working hours on it, still no luck. Any suggestions or comments as to what I am doing wrong? --------------Solutions------------- This is how you'd prove it in Coq: Coq < The

  • Node on the side of a horizontal tree

    Node on the side of a horizontal treeFebruary 15

    I am struggling to understand how to put a node on the branch of the first level of a tree of bernoulli trials. When I try to draw it out, the node label in the center of the branch becomes the starting point of my children nodes. Could anyone please

  • Solving variants of the blue-eyes puzzleFebruary 15

    The original "Blue Eyes" puzzle is given here. You will be told how many of the islanders have blue eyes and how many don't. You will also be given a statement by the oracle (a system of equations/inequations) that everyone on the island hears.

  • indexOf(String) linked list char logic errorFebruary 15

    First year CS student. Ive tried to implement an indexOf(String) method in my custom MyStringbuilder class (in this case with a linked list of char). I cant get the right output for finding the query string at the front or not finding it but anything

  • How do I count exoplanets per system in a file with over 10,000 lines in Python?February 14

    I am working with astronomical data and I need help summarizing it. My data contains ~10,000 lines, where each line represents a system. The input file is tab delimited like this: exo sys_planet_count 0 1 0 0 3 4 0 1 2 5 0 0 Note that exo planet coun

  • search for depth and width using graphs [on hold]February 13

    I need a code to do a search in width and in depth using graphs to search shortest path, analyzing this aspect mentioned, but do not know where to start, I would like someone to help me, maybe Github also if anyone knows.

  • Endless runner with left, right and 180 turnsFebruary 13

    Let's say there is an endless runner. Player moves from control point(CP) to CP, each CP has a pointer to the next one. I want to add an ability to make 180° turns at any moment, and, from some CPs, to make left/right turns to another road segment. I

  • Logical issue with javascript [on hold]February 13

    by default I want to show sort icon. when user click I want ascending icon and if user again clicks I want descending icon. How can I achieve this with jquery --------------Solutions------------- Now that your question is clearer, here is my suggesti

  • How can you get user contact list in Outlook 2016 c#?February 12

    I am trying to display the contact list of an outlook account. (Outlook 2016) The following code displays the global contact list but not your own personal contact list. How can i show the account address list? This is code i have so far: try { Outlo

  • Organisation / scanning of news / article chunks topic pages [on hold]February 11

    Have no idea if this is possible, but someone might want to chew on it, it has me thinking. Journalist writes news. The more time he spends writing news, and the less time on classifying stuff, the better. But it's also useful for readers to have top

  • for-loop to foreach with negative(i--) statement February 10

    This question already has an answer here: Possible to iterate backwards through a foreach? 9 answers If I have list of data, I want delete separate rows (not bulk delete) with a loop. Here my Code var objecctCount = listItemsDelete.Count; for (int i

  • Description Logics and Ontologies: How to denote role domain-restrictions to blank nodes

    Description Logics and Ontologies: How to denote role domain-restrictions to blank nodesFebruary 10

    Request for assistance denoting a domain-restriction to a blank node. Figure 1: Modelling a many-to-many relationship with a blank node. Business Rule: An Enrolment maps one Student to one Section, once. My attempt: ∃hasStudent.⊤ ≡ ∃hasSection.⊤ ≡ ∃g

  • Program interpretation for static analysisFebruary 9

    Are there any implementations, or even academic work, regarding an application capable of looking at code and inferring what the code actually intends to do? For example, we give it a program that calculates the SQRT(x); it should go and annotate tha

  • Logical Constraints : How to express symmetry in a graph?

    Logical Constraints : How to express symmetry in a graph?February 9

    I've got a logical problem, I find some expression of what I want, but for now I'm overconstrainted and I don't know how to relax it. The Context: Let's assume we've got an oriented graph which can have cycles. There is no weight on edges. So somethi

  • Boolean logic, negation of an ORFebruary 9

    I have the following logic: if(!(A || B)) {} How can this be simplified and how can this simplification be visualized? A | B ----- 0 0 0 1 - 1 0 |- this is A OR B 1 1 - A | B ----- 0 0 - This is !(A OR B) ? 0 1 1 0 1 1 --------------Solutions--------

  • c# logic not correct simple windows form

    c# logic not correct simple windows formFebruary 9

    I am trying to help my brother out with one of his assignments for a course. The task: This is his code for the c# windows form double sec; double min; double hour; double day; sec = double.Parse(secondsTb.Text); min = sec / 60; hour = sec / 3600; da

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